Saving The Planet To Death?

FRIDAY 6-20-08…It wasn’t too very long ago that I pointed out how “great minds” were coming up with crazy ideas to stop global warming. Remember the giant space umbrella to reflect sunlight? Or how about shooting giant rockets into the atmosphere containing aluminum shavings…or “seeding” the ocean with iron?


The theory there was the iron would create a giant algae bloom and suck up CO2 by the ton. One company actually started doing the iron droppings in the ocean in order to prove the theory. Fortunately for all of us, the United Nations has issued a moratorium on the practice. Why? According to, the latest research suggests seeding will trigger the buildup of an acid that can be lethal to marine organisms and humans.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity says the potential dangers outweigh any benefits.


Too bad the UN didn’t stop the cockamamie idea of throwing all those old tires into the ocean to provide habitat for the fish. It ended up scrubbing the ocean floor and scaring all the fish away….while also scrubbing the coral reefs clean. The US Navy had to be called in to retrieve millions of old tires.

There’s an awful lot of cockamamie ideas being bandied about in order to “save the planet.” This planet has been around for a lotta’ years and does a pretty good job of saving itself. We puny humans need to quit trying to play God before we end up destroying that which we claim to be trying to “save.”


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