Off To Court We Go

TUESDAY 6-17-08…Interesting Tidbit coming out of Madrid, Spain, where a group of real estate developers and property owners in La Manga del Mar are threatening to take the environmental wacko group Greenpeace to court. The real estate developers and homeowners are incensed over graphic predictions of what global warming may do to the area.


La Manga del Mar was featured prominently in a photo book published by Greenpeace that was intended to shock Spain into action on global warming. The area is one of Spain’s premier beach resorts…and residents say Greenpeace’s photo book have caused house prices to plummet.

The pictures (digitally modified) show a dried up Ebro river, and a desert in an area now filled with lemon and orange groves. It shows photos of La Manga del Mar submerged in water with only the tops of hotels, apartments and palm trees emerging from the blue Mediterranean.


Greenpeace’s director in Spain says “We wanted to create alarm and a call to action.” It created alarm alright. According to a lawyer who has taken up the case of the area’s aggrieved developers and home owners, prices have plunged by fifty percent. The lawyer says the suit will go forward unless Greenpeace agrees to an out of court settlement for 27 million dollars.

Greenpeace says it has no intention of settling out of court, arguing that the La Manga property owners are trying to “blackmail” it into footing the bill for their speculation in the real estate market.


As lawsuits go….this one will be an interesting one to watch. But it certainly shows the lengths the global warming bunch will go in trying to scare people about what’ll happen fifty years from now, when forecasters can’t even get tomorrow’s weather forecast right.



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    Glad you finally got rid of those distracting graphics that used to adorn your blog. Just keep the text on point, you’re doing a great job with that. It even gives you a little more room to have a little more text.


  2. Bruce, I like graphics, keep them up. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words and is always a treat to the eye.

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