Save the land, screw the economy

WEDNESDAY 6-11-08…Oil has spiked again, closing last Friday at $135 a barrel. Some analysts are now predicting $5 a gallon gas by July 4th. The price of gasoline is fueling inflation and the nationwide unemployment rate is climbing. Consumers have cut back on spending. We are a nation held hostage by other countries — and their oil! It doesn’t have to be that way.

A report released just last month – at the request of Congress–shows there are 279 million acres under federal management where oil and gas could be extracted. The report from the Bureau of Land Management estimates there are 139 billion barrels of untapped, recoverable oil onshore and offshore in the United States of America! Unfortunately, more than half of it is totally off limits to drillers.

The government report reveals there is untapped oil on federal lands all across the United states, with oil pockets found in Oregon, Washington state, Montana, Wyoming, Florida and in the Appalachian mountains. According to the government report, we have more oil in this country than the known oil reserves of Iran, Iraq, Russia, Nigeria or Venezuela. It remains untapped because of federal and environmental regulations.

Republican congressman Mike Pence told Cybercast News Service ” My sense is that the most direct route is for Congress to take direct action and give the American people more access to American oil.” Democrat congressman Mike Honda (of California) was asked if he favored deregulation to allow more drilling of our known oil resources and he said “No.”

Kristina Johnson who speaks for the Sierra Club said “It appears to be more of the same kind of thing we’ve had all along from the Bush administration,which wants to exploit the land rather than protect it.”

No matter which presidential candidate is elected in November, don’t expect anything to change, as we continue being held hostage by other country’s oil.


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