ABC tells kids when to die to save the planet

Click image above to play the game

MONDAY 6-09-08…How would you like to snuff out your child’s self esteem? How would you like to lay a guilt trip on your kids so they’d wanna’ die by the time they reach the age of NINE, because they used up their allowable carbon footprint? If you live in Australia, you can do that!

A game has been created and introduced to the general public via the Australian Broadcasting Company which makes it available on line. The game is titled “Professor Schpinkees Greenhouse Calculator.”

The object of the game tells kids how long their carbon footprint should allow them to live.

Click the start button and the directions state: Click on the question numbers across the top and select your answer for each one. With each answer, see how your CO2 production compares to the average Ausie Greenhouse pig.

When you’ve finished, click on (skull and crossbones) to find out at what age you should die so you don’t use more than your fair share of earth’s resources. The average Ausie footprint is 24 tons of CO2, which calculates out to 9 years, 3 months.

For Australians to allow this “game” to make the rounds of the internet is bad enough, but to have it promoted by the Australian Broadcasting Company is even worse. Now…where do you suppose the idea for a carbon footprint calculator originated? A similar idea was first advanced by a Canadian by the name of Maurice strong –close friend of Al Gore.

Strong organized the first World Environmental Summit in Stockholm in 1972 and he’s never stopped pressing for a world where UN resolutions would be enforced as law all over the earth. Strong says “One of the things that I’ve always thought I would like to do is to develop an environmental index. Then people can measure their own environmental performance on an index.”

Professor Schpinkees Greenhouse Calculator may not be the environmental index which Strong envisioned, but it comes awfully close…and it’s aimed at nine year olds. I’ll have more about Maurice Strong in tomorrow’s report, which will go a long way towards explaining the hoax of global warming and the deterioration of the world’s leading economies.


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