Hitlerizing school debate


WEDNESDAY 6-04-08…Scientists and others who don’t believe the global warming hoax are referred to as “holocaust deniers.” Those who protest the teaching of homosexuality in our public schools are being called “Hitler”. Yep, that’s right, and it’s happening right here in California.

You see folks, Senate Bill 777 was passed last year and signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger. It requires all California schools to teach only positive perspectives of homosexuality. In other words, schools can’t tell students that homosexuality is a behavior that can kill them; that so far, over thirty million people have died from aids, and over sixty million are infected; that the majority of HIV/AIDS is transmitted via homosexual behavior.

None of that gives a positive perspective of the behavior and therefore is not allowed to be taught in our public schools. But last week, the West Covina Unified School Board took a bold stand for families by voting to pass a resolution supporting the Save Our Kids initiative. It’s the first local school board to publicly protest SB777 and it’s harmful policies.

Just before the vote on the resolution occurred, school board member George Fuller stepped to the microphone and actually declared that anyone who opposes SB777 and it’s sexual indoctrination is like Adolf Hitler. Another board member, Mike Spence, took the microphone and demanded an immediate apology from Fuller for comparing citizens with traditional values to an evil dictator like Hitler. Fuller refused to apologize.

After the vote to support the Save Our Kids resolution passed, the school board president said “We are extremely excited that the West Covina unified School Board is supporting the protection of innocent children from sexual indoctrination. But our victory here also revealed just how bigoted and hateful some school board members are. Board member George Fuller should publicly apologize to the citizens of his district and all Californians for comparing us to Adolf Hitler. This is shameful behavior from an elected school board member, and his constituents should be very concerned this man is making decisions about their children’s education.”

Hitlers….holocaust deniers? When you lack facts, resort to name calling.


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  1. Cudos go out from this free citizen to the West Covina Unified School Board for bravely stepping up to protect the rights of parents (something that seems to have escaped Mr. Fuller and others).

    Mr. Fuller should take a look in the mirror…he might find he has grown a short square cornered little mustache. It is he who insists on specific doctrine being forced upon our children.

    Teachers can instruct and teach respect for all without getting into areas of indoctrination for any point of view. This insistence on special rights for one segment of the population only calls attention to their “difference”.

    Denial is an interesting thing. The death, addictions, and burdens that progressives have forced into the main stream over the past fifty years is measurable but only if you have the courage to face and admit it. Progressives never look back…too busy congratulating themselves.

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