Those Inventive Americans

THURSDAY 5-22-08… We Americans are an ingenious lot. We invent things, we come up with ways to succeed when faced with failure. And in most cases, (New Orleans excluded) we don’t sit around and wait for the government to “fix” a problem.

Take the price of gasoline, for example. Two presidential candidates called on the government to do away with the federal share of the gas tax to coincide with the summer driving season. Not a smart move, and most economists were quick to point that out.

And of course, gasoline has continued to go up, up, and away. Some people have parked their cars in favor of a bicycle, others have formed car-pools, and in some areas of the country, the four-day work week is back. It’s a trend that could certainly catch on elsewhere.

The Maccray School district in west-central Minnesota is poised to go to a four-day school week next year to save money, $65,000 just in fuel costs.

A four-day work week may soon be adopted in Arkansas for state employees. It’s part of one senator’s plan to save workers some money as gas prices continue to climb even higher. One Garland County college is already doing it, and workers and students seem to love it. National Park Community College is starting a Monday through Thursday schedule for staff and students.

Arkansas Senator Tracy Steele has the same idea for state employees. He says those who’ve already made the switch say it’s providing much needed relief.

It certainly sounds to me like an idea who’s time has come. It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In this case of high gas prices, it seems necessity is also the mother of new ideas.


2 Responses

  1. Can’t see this idea panning out in the services sector, especially in regard to companies for which overhead is the primary expense. It’s another day of potential overtime. Such companies would either have to raise prices to cover more hours at time & a half, or hire more employees to cover a 5-day work week….which would necessitate raising prices.

    Which would only add inflation to the equation.

    It certainly wouldn’t be beneficial in my industry. It’s also an additional day for employees to take on “side jobs” for cash at a lower price.

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