The King

FRIDAY 5-16-08…Every once in awhile, somebody gets themselves appointed to a job which causes them to believe they’ve been promoted to King. Such is the case involving Florida’s Bay County Health Department director, Dr. Jason Newsom. Since his coronation, he has banned what he calls “junk” food from all staff meetings, rid the department’s vending machine of “unhealthy” options, thrown away treats employees bring to share in the office lounge, and even punished an employee who brought doughnuts to work to share with others.

According to the Center For Consumer Freedom, he’s even plastered signs all over the department that warn “Donuts equal thunder thighs”. “Fried Chicken equals Double Chin.” It’s not surprising that his staff isn’t’ very happy about being treated like 5-year-olds, and there have been multiple complaints to the state’s surgeon general. All to no avail, however.

Emails to his staff read: “People that choose to make poor lifestyle choices have a direct and significant impact on all of our lives, our wages are lower than they could be and our taxes are higher than they need to be because people are free to make their own decisions in life. My solution to this problem is first to education, and then to place the financial responsibility squarely on those responsible. You all get a steady stream of my “education” efforts and those efforts will continue.”

King Newsom is upset because PEOPLE ARE FREE TO MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS IN LIFE???? What ever happened to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?



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  1. Bless Gavin Newsom, he is the perfect poster child for the lunatic left.

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