Cracking down on illegals – except California?

THURSDAY 5-15-08….We haven’t seen too much in the mainstream press here in California regarding the roundup of illegal immigrants. Oh, once in awhile there’s a little blurb, perhaps a paragraph or two buried on page 16. But make no mistake, enforcement of our immigration laws is continuing in full swing elsewhere.

Government agents worked all last week from the Louisiana border to Houston, Texas, processing 89 illegals. It was a four-day surge operation in an effort to reduce a backlog of thirty thousand immigration fugitives in the area.

A spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Houston told the Houston Chronicle “We’re continuing to move forward with their removal process. We’re doing this every day; this is not an isolated surge. There are four active fugitive operations teams that are out there working in the same capacity every day.”

According to the Chronicle, the operation involved four teams of agents from the ICE office in Houston, and eight more teams brought in from offices in Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso. About sixty agents took part in last week’s operation. More than eighty nine immigrants were arrested, including twenty eight who had criminal convictions. Seventy seven had orders of removal and another 12 were encountered during the operation.

Agent Greg Palmore says “These are not roundups. These are targeted individuals that have had their day in court, and have refused or failed to leave as the courts have ordered. The removal operations are part of immigration enforcement mandated by Congress, which has provided funding to greatly increase the number of ICE fugitive teams across the country.

I wonder why we haven’t seen any news items about the effort –or lack of it–here in California? Just asking.


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