Eat it while you can – the government taketh away

WEDNESDAY 5-14-08…The Center for Consumer Freedom makes a very interesting observation, which as I see it, pertains to us here in California. It points out the constantly growing umbrella of “sinful” activities which bureaucrats self-righteously attack is evidence of a much bigger pattern of increasing government intervention in our daily lives and personal choices.”

Consumer Freedom says it happens so often, we can boil it down to a science. First, lawmakers and activist groups vilify an “undesirable” activity like eating, drinking, even enjoying a hot dog, with wide-spread public relations campaigns. Then, they leverage the public’s resulting fear or disapproval of said activity to pass increasingly draconian regulations.

To that, let me add not only draconian regulations, but increased taxes which are then labeled “sin taxes.” California legislators are currently pushing to increase the tax on six-packs of beer, and even bottles, grocery bags, and even music downloads.

The Los Angeles Times points out “the idea of taxing comforts and conveniences evokes the budget crisis of 1991 when then-Governor Pete Wilson agreed to impose a “snack tax” on Californians, raising the cost of so-called junk food and bottled water.”

And in New Jersey, the Morning Journal editorialized against what it calls the “ill conceived” food cop campaign in that state, to charge a sin tax on “unhealthy” burgers, fries and other drive-through delicacies.

Consumer Freedom states “Food cops have already targeted fois gras, margarine, birthday cakes, cupcakes, candy, pizza, soda pop. Before they add anymore of our favorites to THEIR dietary blacklist, legislators should be reminded that it’s our choice–not theirs!”


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