Worst Case Scenario – BillaHillObamanation

MONDAY 5-12-08…Picture this scenario. President Barack Obama, Vice President Hillary Clinton (along with co-vice President Bill Clinton.) Preposterous you might say? Think again! According to NewsMax and ABC News’ chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos, Clinton intermediaries are discussing that very possibility.

Stephanopoulos said on Good Morning America “I think it’s very much a possibility and there are others around Senator Clinton, other top democrats, who think the strongest ticket would be a joint ticket.”

So, let’s examine that for just a moment: Picture this. Obama, and wife Michelle occupying the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton occupying the vice president’s quarters at Blair House. The Clintons have a reputation of destroying their adversaries. They would have four years to try and destroy the Obama presidency.

Obama would have to double or triple his Secret Service protection, and even then, probably have to watch his back and avoid any late night trips to Fort Marcy Park. He would be second-guessed at every turn, and for every decision he made. For Obama, it would be a terrible first four years.

So, his very first important decision has to be “do I take Hillary as my running mate, and in so doing, get “two for the price of one” in the form of Bill Clinton?” Obama’s decision during the August Democrat convention will let the world know whether he’s really presidential material, or just another politician who’ll do anything just to get elected.

An Obama/Hillary ticket would be the recipe for an Obama administration disaster. Hillary and Bill would see to that! 


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  1. Not to worry, an Obama presidency will be a disaster anyway. I will hate to see the boost that terrorists will get and to see the set back that the war on terrorism will endure. If anyone thinks the economy stinks now, just wait until the extreme left controls the both executive and legislative branches.

    Ultimately an Obama presidency may return a long term positive. With Democrats in power and taking all the heat they will set the stage for decades of Republican rule. Unfortunately it is likely many Americans will die as a result of Democrat policies and 9-11 will end up looking like a prank by comparison. I hope I am wrong. I really do.

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