CO2 and Hot Air



THURSDAY 5-08-08…Now that the month of April is history, and it’s obvious the mainstream media has ignored this, I will share it with you. A fellow Nobel Peace Prize recipient is part of a group asking the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change to admit that there is no observational evidence in measured data going back 22,000 years or even millions of years that CO2 levels (whether from man or nature) have driven or are driving world temperatures.

The letter states “If you believe there IS evidence of the CO2 driver theory in the available data, please present a graph of it. We draw your attention to three observational refutations of the IPCC position (and note there are more.) Ice-core data from the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment shows that temperatures have fallen since around 4,000 years ago, while CO2 levels have risen, yet, this graphical data was conveniently left out of the IPCC Summery for Policymakers.

More recent data shows that in the opposite sense to IPCC predictions, world temperatures have not risen, and indeed have fallen over the past ten years while CO2 levels have risen dramatically.

IPCC policy is already leading to economic and unintended environmental damage. Specifically, the policy of burning food –corn, as biofuel–has contributed to sharp rises in food prices which are causing great hardship in many countries and is also now leading to increased deforestation in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Togo, Cambodia, Nigeria, Burundi, Sri Lanka and Uganda for cultivation of crops.

Given the economic devastation that is already happening, and which is now widely recognized will continue to flow from this policy, what possible justification can there be for its retention? We ask you and all those whose names are associated with IPCC policy to accept the scientific observations and renounce current IPCC policy.”

The letter is signed by Hans Schreuder, Analytical Chemist and nine other scientists, members of parliament and Nobel Prize recipients.

It’s not just Rush Limbaugh pointing out that the whole global warming thing is a hoax.


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  1. The ICSC also allows citizens to add their endorsement of their declaration. I added mine weeks ago, and I would encourage others to do so as well.

    Our voices should be heard loud & clear.

  2. It’s been a bad month for the pro-AGW crowd….

  3. The full text of the letter is at

    The home page, is laid out like no other but has some interesting links.

    See for some Greenland photos. Why is it that I’ve seen so few Greenland photos?

  4. I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in the South east United States it has been a cool May here at my home we have just had only 2 days of 80 degree weather. We shall see but I suspect that the AGW crowd will have a bad year.

    Bill Derryberry

  5. The world had gone Green Mad. You have to wonder how historians in the future will record this era. My take: “A mass hysteria overtook the scientific community fueled by political parties that desired to punish the industrial world and a press filled with Green zeolots. This hysteria lasted for around 11 years until it could no longer be denied that global warming was a misinterpretation of data using an overdependant on tenuous climate models that were tweaked by their developers to give the results these climate modelers were looking for. The scientific community then reformed itself by not allowing anymore the creators of climate models to collect and interpret the data. They brought into the scientific research structure basic principles of similar to those of corporate governance: controls such as segregation of duties became the norm.”

  6. 37 angry treehuggers and Al Gore can’t be wrong!!

    Global Warming Alarmists Beware…

  7. Red herring.

    The data and graphs to support The IPCC’s contention concerning the current warming were presented in the AR4. Did these folks not read beyond the SPM and the Synthesis Report?

    Prior to the 20th century there is no evidence that CO2 has ever been dumped into the atmosphere at a sustained rate of > 18 billion metric tones /year for decades at any time over the last 4 billion years is there? So what is the relevance of asking for evidence of CO2 being a prehistorical climate driver? It sounds like a relevant question but…

    Hans Schreuder has no formal training in weather or climate.

    At least Piers Corbin knows something about weather even if his specialty is not climate.

    Dr Don Parks may be a retired professor of human ecology but it appears he has no expertise in the area of climate let alone weather.

    It appears Svend Hendriksen was a UN peacekeeper in 1988 and that is his claim to being a Nobel prize winner (shared). I understand he is also somewhat of an expert on art history.

    If Dr Pachauri wastes his time to respond to this it should be to send them a copy of the AR4.

    At least these folks had the sense to ask for evidence rather than proof.

  8. And yet, Arch, the globe cools.

  9. “Hans Schreuder has no formal training in weather or climate.”

    Neither does Al Gore. Yet that hasn’t stopped anybody from ascribing to his theories.

  10. The authors of the letter are correct. Historical levels of CO2 are all over the map, and there is no empirical evidence that CO2 drives the climate. They define “historical” as periods over the last 22,000 years, up to millions of years ago.

    Just because temperature and CO2 levels increased in the last three decades of the 20th century, that doesn’t mean there is a robust correlation. The correlation falls apart before and after that particular period. Historically, increasing CO2 levels always lag temperature increases.

    Look at the graphic presented in the letter. If you don’t like the facts, don’t shoot the messengers.

  11. WTF are you all talking about?

    The temperature has gone some significantly since only January of this year. If this continues at the same rate for only 5 more years the average temperature of the earth will be well over 200 degrees F.

    I believe AGW is real, and I need proof as much as you need proof in Jesus.

    Please make sure we separate church from state. Stamp out God but Hail to Chuck (Darwin) and Al.

    (OK, I admit, I’m not good at Satire)

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