Don’t ask, don’t tell

THURSDAY 5-01-08…Democrat presidential contender, Senator Barack Obama, being interviewed by the homosexual magazine “The Advocate” said that if elected, he foresees eliminating the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

It’s the promise of eliminating the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the military that caused a problem during a White House press briefing. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta reported that more than 560,000 Americans have died of AIDS since 1985, and since 2006, nearly 37 thousand new cases have been reported in the U.S….with most of those contracted by homosexual contact. The CDC reported that homosexual contact was by far the largest method of contracting AIDS.

During the press briefing, World Net Daily correspondent Les Kinsolving stood up and asked this question: He said ‘There have been demands for our armed forces to be forced to accept what the Centers for Disease Control still reports is the largest spreaders of AIDS…and my question is….the president not only opposes abolishing “don’t ask-don’t tell” for the armed forces but hopes his successor will as well, doesn’t he?”

White House spokeswoman Dana Parino said “I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.” She says she won’t comment on how such a developing threat should be handled in the U.S. armed forces’ barracks, ships, and submarines.

Barack Obama says he’s willing to handle it, and so does his opponent Hillary Clinton. They both say, as commander in Chief of the armed forces, they would do away with “don’t ask-don’t tell” and allow homosexuals to serve openly in our nation’s military.

Notice, though…neither of them are asked such a question during televised debates aimed at the nation as a whole. Why do you think that is? Hmmm?


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