Hurr-ray hurr-ray, step right up and get your carbon credits while they’re hot!

WEDNESDAY 4-30-08…Of all the “global warming” claptrap we’ve seen in our mainstream media, nothing points more to its hoax than the idea of “cap and trade”. In Europe, it’s called “carbon credits.” The idea is….if a company is told it can only emit fifteen tons of emissions per year (that’s the cap) and at the end of the year, it only emitted ten tons, it can sell the five tons it didn’t emit to a company that exceed it’s allotted emissions, or cap. (That’s the trade.) Rightfully, it should be call “buy and sell.”

An article in the London Daily Telegraph explains it quite simply, this way:

Company A is permitted 15 ton of emission per year, and company B is permitted 12 tons of emissions per year. If company A needs or wants to produce 17 tons of emissions, and company B is only producing 9 tons in a given year, company B can sell its “excess” allotment to company A.

No one has reduced the amount of emissions they were going to produce. And guess who gets to pay for the excess allotment that company A purchased from company B? It’s customers, or course. So, people in Britain are now paying through the nose for electricity and get not one iota of anything in return — not even reduced emissions. It’s like being forced to buy air.

I’ve always said, when it comes to global warming, just follow the money trail and you’ll be able to identify those who are pushing the scam and profiting handsomely from it.

The London Telegraph included this paragraph: “The whole scheme is a scam. Want to guess who is a major shareholder in two companies that make money brokering trades of Carbon Credits among corporations in Europe? Al Gore! Yup, he’s laughing himself all the way to the bank.”

So, in this country, when you hear the term “cap and trade”…just remember, it’s really buy and sell.


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