Uhh Jimmy, did ya notice the world criticsim?

MONDAY 4-28-08…So, former president Jimmy Carter took it upon himself to try to bring peace between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. He says he managed to get Hamas leaders to agree to accept the Jewish state as a neighbor next door.

Then Hamas immediately began firing rockets across the border at it’s new neighbor contradicting the Islamic militant group’s positive words about co-existing. A four year old boy was wounded during the seven-rocket attack.

Hamas rocket – a dud this time

Meanwhile, the new Pakistan government has begun dialog with Islamic militants in that country, with the Pakistani government agreeing to pull it’s military forces out of the border area with Afghanistan. It resulted in a six-week lull before a suicide bomber blew himself up in a marketplace across from a police station.

Pakistan’s president Musharraf also struck truces with militants as well as Taliban and al Qaida fighters in the past. All that accomplished was giving militants the opportunity to resupply and build up their strength.

On the campaign trail in this country, Barack Obama who wants to be president and commander in chief says he wants to go to Iran and dialog with Iran’s president Amadinejad, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and all other leaders who “hate America.” I remember pointing this out in an earlier Tidbit, saying how it scares me to think a U.S. President would go hand-in-hand, chin on chest to dialog with those that hate us.

It brought back recollections of British Prime Minister Nevil Chamberlain traveling to Germany to “dialog” with Adolph Hitler. After signing the slip of paper guaranteeing England peace, Hitler unleashed his buzz-bombs on the British populace.

Dialog with enemies? Militant Islamic fanatics, al Qaida, Hamas? Former president Jimmy Carter failed to realize it’s a recipe for disaster. But, then again, we must remember, Jimmy Carter failed miserably during his one term as president. That’s why it was only one term!

Whoever the next U.S. President turns out to be, let’s hope the individual is one who has learned from the events of history.



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