Homo Rejectus

THURSDAY 4-24-08…San Jose State University has come to the conclusion that prohibiting homosexuals from donating blood simply isn’t fair, and that it’s discriminating against men who simply prefer sex with other men. So, the university says there’ll be no more blood drives on its campuses. If homosexuals aren’t allowed to donate blood, then nobody else is either.

As soon as that announcement was made, two other South Bay community colleges quickly jumped on board with the “us too, us too” scenario, and Sonoma State University is considering following suit.

The Food and Drug Administration refuses blood donations from men who admit to having had sexual contact with other men. It also refuses blood donations from people who have been imprisoned during the preceding twelve months, those who have lived in Africa, or have lived with someone from Africa, and those who have used illegal needle drugs or paid for sexual favors.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta says more than 560,000 Americans have died of AIDS since 1985, and over 36 thousand new cases of AIDS reported in the U.S. in 2006, 45 percent of which were contracted by homosexual contact.

The whole idea for the constraints by the FDA is simply to protect the public from tainted blood. For a handful of California’s colleges and universities to ban blood drives, unless and until homosexuals are allowed to donate, is irresponsible and certainly counterproductive.


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