Spare the rod, liberalize the child


MONDAY 4-21-08 …I remember growing up as a little kid with having a penchant for being somewhat of a smart mouth. I was forever trying to push the envelope just to see what I could get away with. But I also remember that ominous sound of my dad’s belt being removed…..thup thup thup thup…whenever I’d crossed the line.

I also remember my mom making me go out and cut a switch from a tree, which was about to be used on me whenever I’d cross the line, and dad wasn’t around. In the sixth grade, I remember my teacher, Mr. McCauley having me….and any other unruly kid come to the front of the class, bend over and grab our ankles. He had a ping pong paddle in his desk drawer and he used it with one good whack on our behinds.

Years later, as a news reporter, interviewing a Juvenile Court Judge, I remember his words; “A child must have boundaries set, and children will bump their noses up against those boundaries just to see what and how much they can get away with. If parents fail to enforce those boundaries, they lose control of their children who will eventually end up in my court.”


Today, my dad and my mom would be arrested for child abuse, jailed, and I would be taken away and placed in a foster home if Assembly Bill 2943 is passed and signed into law. Yes, it’s the anti spanking bill resurrected and making its way through the state legislature. It passed its first committee hearing and now goes to the Appropriations Committee. All democrats voted in favor of the bill.

Yes, it’s the same bill that was mercifully killed last year, but still made California the laughing stock of the nation…..again. It is virtually identical to last year’s failed bill, and would have the practical effect of making a non-injurious spanking with an object such as a ruler, a wooden spoon, folded newspaper, small paddle, stick or switch illegal. After being arrested, charged and tried in a criminal court, parents could receive up to a year in jail, and lose custody of their children.


Loving, corrective discipline of children’s misbehavior and rebellion should not be labeled “criminal.” Lack of loving corrective discipline is what is criminal.



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  1. I know that this is an old articl, but none-the-less, it needed an accurate response. Hitting your child with a foreign object IS child abuse.

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