Pregnant “Man” – coming to a freak show near you

THURSDAY 4-17-08…Have you see or heard the news story about the “pregnant man”? The story has been in some magazines, and all over the internet. I understand the “pregnant man” was also a guest on the Ellen Degeneres TV show, Oprah Winfrey’s show, and was interviewed by People Magazine. The story broke in the mainstream press on April 1st…and while the whole thing is a joke, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

If the story were really about an unexplained pregnancy in a male, it would really be newsworthy, but in truth, it’s actually a total non-story about a woman becoming pregnant. That’s right. The “pregnant man” isn’t a man at all, but a woman. Her name is Tracy Lagondino, a lesbian and former beauty queen who cut her hair to resemble a man’s haircut, had her breasts cut off, and underwent testosterone regimen to grow a beard. She decided to leave her reproductive organs intact.

The mainstream media decided to cover the story, universally referring to Tracy Lagondino as a “man” using the terms “his” and “he” and proclaiming the pregnancy as a “miracle.” It was no more a miracle than is any woman getting pregnant, other than the miracle of life that only real women can produce.

Tracy started calling herself Thomas Beatie, but Tracy Lagondino is no more a “man” than I would become a woman, should I decide to grow long hair, wear a dress, and call myself Betty.

All real women should be showing outrage that a woman would give birth to a child denied breastfeeding because the child’s mother has mutilated her own breasts.


3 Responses

  1. This person has probably put herself and this baby at some risk by fooling around with her hormones…now at a times when it should be about the baby, it’s all about her…the talk circuit gig makes me gag!

    I don’t care what she thinks she is. Denying her own biology doesn’t really change anything and offers her child a very confusing role model.

  2. Some folks are more bizarre and twisted than fiction. Pity the innocent child.

  3. As a medical professional it irks me that people are referring to this WOMAN as a MAN just because she chooses to live in a fantasyland. Society has become too politically correct for its own good. There is a term that describes what ails this woman. It is known as Gender Identity DISORDER. The transgender community would prefer that we all forget that this is at the root of their problems, and accept them as simply having been born in the wrong bodies. Furthermore, there is no proof that this woman isn’t simply someone who wanted to bend the rules and get married to someone of the same gender, yet enjoy the benefits conferred on heterosexual couples. Many people who know her have stated that this is exactly why she decided to live as a man. She and her “wife’ didn’t want to deal with the stigma that is associated with homosexuality. If Ms. Lagondino truly believed that she was a man, she would have completed the job and not simply removed her breasts. And she definitely would not have gotten pregnant. Case closed. It’s time for the media to stop lying and tell the world the truth. This is a pregnant woman. Women get pregnant . Big deal. I know exactly why nine doctors turned her away. I would have done exactly the same. Who wants a patient like that in THEIR office??? Only another transgender doctor. And from what I understand, there are a few out there. And I”m quite sure that their patients are none the wiser. What is this world coming to? When will the madness, ridiculous political correctness and blatant lies end?

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