More LA car taxes for global warming

TUESDAY 4-15-08…Assembly Bill 2558 could be a harbinger of bad things to come if it should pass and be signed into law. What’s that? You’ve never heard of AB 2558? Well, allow me to enlighten you. To fight so-called global warming, that bill now working its way through the state legislature would enable Los Angeles County transit officials to increase taxes on motorists.

It’s being pushed as a “climate change mitigation and adaptation fee”. It would cost motorists either an additional three percent motor fuel tax, or up to a ninety dollar annual flat fee based on vehicle emissions. The new charges would be on top of taxes already paid at the pump.

The bill’s author is Assemblyman Mike Feuer, a Los Angeles Democrat who says “At this point, the people of the Los Angeles region have just had it when it comes to traffic and air quality.” But, an op ed piece in the Orange County Register points out the obvious weakness of the Assemblyman and his bill saying it conflates two separate issues; the real problem of congested traffic and the contrived emergency of so-called global warming. Congested traffic is easily verifiable, global warming is not.”

It goes on to state “Global warming, now conveniently re-christened climate change is perfect for demagoguery. Those advancing the cause won’t explain how they’ll know we have won the global warming fight, let alone, what the ideal temperature is supposed to be. But the facts don’t deter schemes like Assemblyman Feuer’s attempt to raise four hundred million dollars in additional taxes to pay for already-funded transit projects.”

If his bill succeeds, watch for other Democrat legislators coming up with schemes to extract more money from taxpayers under the guise of fighting global warming.



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