Dodging the state health care bullet

MONDAY 4-14-08… I have an update on the state of Massachusetts’ health care for all program. It’s a program nearly identical to the health care for all plan which was mercifully defeated by Democrats here in California. I thought you might like a closer look at the bullet we Californians dodged.

State officials and community members gathered to celebrate the second anniversary of the healthcare law, calling it a tremendous success. Meanwhile, a state board updated the standards that’ll be used to decide who faces fines this year for failing to buy in. In Massachusetts, residents must buy in to the state’s insurance program. Those who fail to do so are slapped with a hefty fine.

Governor Deval Patrick said at a statehouse ceremony…..”this is a wonderful, wonderful experiment and it is showing great results. But, nothing this ambitious or important comes easy.” Then he added “to sustain the initiative, the state must reduce expenses.” Translated, folks, that means we really screwed up, and now we have to come up with ways to pay for this boondoggle.

According to the Boston Globe, the state faces a rapidly rising bill to cover insurance subsidies and is searching for ways to reduce expenses and raise revenues. Officials are stepping up advertising to encourage the hundreds of thousands of people who are still uninsured to obtain coverage. Those who don’t will face a penalty of up to $912 if they’re uninsured for the entire year.

And, as far as raising additional revenue, the House last Thursday gave approval to 392 million dollars in tax increases for smokers and the state’s largest corporations. Now, keep in mind, that state’s health insurance for all has only been in operation two years, and is already running in the red, hundreds of thousands have refused to buy in and now face hefty fines and lawmakers will try to fix the problem by raising taxes.

That’s exactly what would’ve happened in California had it not been for cooler heads prevailing in the Senate Committee that killed a similar health care for all bill for this state. We dodged the bullet. For that, we should all be grateful.



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  1. Apparently the State of Massachusetts legislators have come up with a fool proof plan to fund this debacle…they will ask the fed to pay HALF…that’s you and me folks! Let’s hope the fed adopts the “just say NO” motto on this one or all of the states will be jumping on the bandwagon so they can get their “fair share” of federal money.

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