Bad Apples in Public Schools

FRIDAY 4-11-08…How do you get rid of bad school teachers? If they’re Unionized, you don’t. If they’re tenured, you don’t. But, what if you paid bad teachers ten thousand dollars each to quit? The Boston Globe is carrying the story which states “Critics who say unions block education reforms and make it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers, will offer ten instructors it deems the nation’s worst, ten grand to quit their careers.”

The Center for Union Facts, a Washington-based nonprofit launched a campaign this week spending one million dollars on ads and billboards in New York’s Times Square. It’s inviting nominations for a contest to determine the nation’s worst unionized teachers. The “winning” worst teachers will be offered $10,000 each if they permanently resign or retire from any career in education, and sign a release agreeing to have their name and reasons for their selection published by the group.

The center’s executive director, Rick Berman, is a former labor lawyer who has represented auto and steel workers. He declined offer specifics on his group’s supporters, but says his organization has spent about six million dollars since its founding two years ago. He says his group opposes union corruption and intimidation, not unions in general.

It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out, but it’s certainly an interesting scenario. Pay bad teachers to quit the profession. Problem is…..what happens if there are no takers? The bad teachers remain in the classroom, protected by tenure……and bad unions.


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