Dichotomy in action: LA & SFO -vs- Iraq/Afghanistan

TUESDAY 4-8-08…Wow, eight Americans killed in one weekend! No, I’m not talking about Iraq. It wasn’t headlined on the front page either. It was buried way back in the pages of the Sacramento BEE. Eight Americans shot and killed in just one weekend…in just two cities.

I looked over the page carefully, looking for a running tally of dead and wounded like the mainstream media usually does if the deaths occur in Iraq. Nope! No running tally. Just two tiny stories. “East L.A. gunfire leaves four dead.” “Four die in S.F. shootings.

Suffice it to say, folks…there were more Americans killed on the streets of two American cities in one weekend, than soldiers fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the same weekend. So, why is it the mainstream media can keep a running tally of U.S. war casualties every time there’s one serviceman or woman killed?

Another point to ponder: I have several newspapers (collector’s editions) from World War Two. No running tally of war casualties anywhere to be found. It makes me wonder what the outcome of World War Two would’ve been if the media had published a running tally like they do for the two current wars we’re fighting.

Would Liberals have taken to the streets demanding that our troops be brought home immediately? Would Democrats in Congress run up the white flag of surrender to Nazi Germany and Japan?

Fortunately, back in the 1940’s, the United States was indivisible, not divided as we are today.

So, now…..today…..eight Americans die on the city streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles in one weekend. Don’t you left-wingers and other liberals think it’s time we run up the white flag in those cities, and demand that all police and sheriff’s deputies be pulled out? With casualty figures like that, it’s pretty obvious we can’t win.


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