Political Poker


MONDAY 3-31-08…I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly enjoying the spectacle being presented by this current race for the presidential nomination. I think my liberal friend, Jack Jamison, writing in the Paradise Post had the best description of the Democrat Follies. (Yes, I do have a liberal friend, which proves liberals and conservatives can get along if they try.)

Writing in last Saturday’s Post, Jamison wrote “In the political poker game, the Democrats were dealt a hand of three aces, a queen, and a jack, but the Republicans only had a pair of deuces. What did the Democrats do? They discarded the three aces -Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson-any one of which could have cakewalked into the Oval Office. Now the queen and the jack are drawing (the remaining primaries) in the hope of gaining a match and winning the pot. In this high-stakes poker game, bluffing has given way to frowning and civility to petty nastiness. And we’ll all be the poorer for it.”

Absolutely right on the money, Jack. But the best may be yet to come. I just love watching a brokered convention where nobody wins on the first ballot. That’s when the game really gets nasty. But this time, somebody may get it on the first ballot, thanks to the so-called super delegates. They’re allowed to vote for whomever they feel is the best qualified and to hell with how the voters voted in the primaries.

If that should happen, it would prove once and for all that the Democrat party isn’t “democratic” at all. It would also prove that in politics –as it is in poker–discarding three aces while holding a jack and a queen is a stupid, stupid, stupid move. Let the game continue. It’s great comic relief during this depressing era of high gas and food prices, and inflation knocking on the door.


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  1. Man talk about making the game up as you go along and changing the rules midstream…are Jokers wild…or not? Reminds me of the bad old days of Florida…some things stay the same!

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