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Military Working Dog Foundation photos
Military Working Dog Bruno in Germany

FRIDAY 3-28-08…I spent my final years in the Navy training narcotic detector dogs, and the following ten years training police service dogs, and search and rescue dogs. So often, while demonstrating the value of such dogs, I’ve heard members of the public say “gee…I sure wish I had one of those.”

Well, now you can! Debbie Kandoll is the wife of an Air Force officer currently on active duty, and she wants to get the word out to other military families, retirees, and civilians, that retired military dogs are available for adoption at military working dog facilities across the country. Her story appears In the current edition of Navy Times.

She adopted Benny, a 10 year old German Shepherd who had been declared “excess” by the military and scheduled to be euthanized, according to his military medical records. Today, Benny is a spry German Shepherd, and anything but excess to Debbie, who found him during a determined search to adopt a retired military working dog.

She says she thought at first that she could adopt retired dogs only through the Defense Military Working Dog School at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, but people should check with regional facilities to see what’s available. As for Benny, he’s thriving and he now gets to sleep on comfy pillows instead of concrete. Although he’s no longer on military patrols or sniffing for drugs, he’s anything but retired.

He visits hospitals, including the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Durham, North Carolina as a certified therapy dog.

Under a law passed in 2000, dogs declared “excess” by the Defense Department can be adopted by law enforcement agencies, prior military handlers, and the general public. Ron Aiello, founder of the U.S. War dogs Association and former military dog handler in Vietnam says “I’d like to see more veterans adopt military working dogs.”

If you’d like more information, you can check Debbie’s Web site which is


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  1. The correct address should read:

  2. […] Get more information here […]

  3. oh…lovely dogs…can I have one?

  4. This is the website to the 341 Training Squadron at Lackland AFB:

    Mr. Sparkowich is the Adoption/Disposition Coordinator for the DoD and handles the adoptions of dogs at Lackland AFB that are eliminated from training or have medical issues. Get the information from the source as we do not officially work with any other individual or organization in regards to the adoption of military working dogs…

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