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Chico fringe group demands Walmart be stifled

THURSDAY 3-27-08…So, Wal Mart has decided to scale back its expansion plan for North Chico. The group that’s been opposing it feels it has won half the battle. Now the battle cry of the group, (Chico Advocates for a Responsible Economy) is “one down, one to go.” By that, it means the group will turn its attention to the expansion plans of the South Chico store.

Wal Mart wants to increase the size of the south Chico store, turning it into a Supercenter. But a spokesman for the anti-Wal Mart group, Mitch Cox, says even though a second Wal Mart is now out of the question, he doesn’t want the current store to be expanded. He says the impact the expansion will have on traffic, the environment, and business is not one he wants for the community.

My question is, who made Mitch Cox the mayor, governor, and king of Chico? Why isn’t he running for a seat on the city council?

Wal Mart points out that the expansion will have a positive impact on the local economy in the form of job creation, retail sales, and taxes paid into the city’s fast-dwindling coffers. But that doesn’t matter to folks like Mitch Cox. It’s not what he wants for Chico.

While his group is trying to take credit for sinking the North Chico Supercenter, it was last summer when Wal Mart officials, taking note of the sagging economy, decided to scale back plans for new stores, and concentrate on upgrading its current locations.

So now, the plans to expand at the current location on Forest Avenue falls into the hands of the Planning Commission, not known for being very pro-business. The first hearing on the proposed expansion is set for April 3rd. I expect the audience to be inundated with environmental activists, pro-union thugs, and other wannabe mayors, governors and kings of Chico.

Residents who like shopping at Wal Mart because it saves them money, probably won’t even be able to find a seat.


2 Responses

  1. “Mitch Cox, says even though a second Wal Mart is now out of the question, he doesn’t want the current store to be expanded. He says the impact the expansion will have on traffic, the environment, and business is not one he wants for the community.”

    Where was Mitch when the City of Chico decided to allow Costco first to build and then to expand? The traffic situation for this store is deplorable and it has been from the beginning…complete with traffic jams to the freeway at times.

    The Wal Mart location is set up for adequate traffic flow with lights already in place…has been from the beginning.

    The business j(read supposed inadequate employee benefits) argument is bologna. It’s a free country or has Mitch forgotten sitting up there on that high perch?

    Walmart presents no more threat to the environment than does any other store or business…more prejudiced BS…and I don’t mean your notebook, Bruce!

    Mitch’s position is born of prejudice and favoritism. A
    city council that makes decisions based on this kind of slanted nonsense does not serve the people of Chico but instead special interests. But as you have long heralded that’s not unusual in Chico.

  2. Claims that the expansion of Walmart will have a deleterious effect on traffic, the “environment” and other business in Chico are nonsense. Walmart is being singled out by radical creeps with a perverse political agenda and an axe to grind.

    A Walmart expansion would be beneficial to surrounding business by attracting customers to that area.

    Increases in vehicular traffic could easily be managed.

    Those people (like myself) who prefer getting as many monthly staples as possibile at a reasonable price without having to drive several miles to and fro and make several stops can visit Walmart and that area and burn less fuel, not more.

    Who will the expansion hurt? Downtown business? What a crock. If I feel a need for quality, hard to find, hardware or kitchen equipment, an over priced sandwich, a used book or recording, or some fru-fru coffee drink I don’t go to Walmart, I go downtown.

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