Global Warming Down Under Going Down

WEDNESDAY 3-26-08…In this “land of the free”….we’re constantly being bombarded with stories about global warming, CO2 emissions, carbon footprints, cap n’ trade systems and the like. But we seldom, if ever, see the stories in print or on the news from scientists who call the whole thing “nothing but hogwash.” I wonder why that is. Other countries don’t’ seem to have a problem with printing the “other side of the story.”

A front page story in the Australian, a major newspaper in that country states, quote ” Last Monday – on ABC Radio National, of all places – there was a tipping point in the debate on climate change. It was a remarkable interview involving the co-host of Counterpoint, Michael Duffy and Jennifer Marohasy, a biologist and senior fellow of Melbourne-based think tank, the Institute of Public affairs. Anyone in public life who takes a position on the greenhouse gas hypothesis will ignore it at their peril. Duffy asked Marohasy “Is the Earth still warming?” She replied “No, actually, there has been cooling.” Unquote. That was just the first paragraph.

She went on to say “Its not something that’s being discussed, but it should be because it’s very significant.” The interviewer, Duffy, said “It’s not only that it’s not discussed. We never hear it, do we? Whenever there’s any sort of weather event that can be linked into the global warming orthodoxy, it’s put on the front page. But a fact like that, which is that global warming stopped a decade ago, is virtually never reported, which is extraordinary.”

Marohasy went on to explain NASA’s Aqua satellite and how the information it’s returning is causing the meteorological community to come to terms with such a wealth of information showing computers models have been wrong all along as pertains to global warming.

The news article states “If Marohasy is anywhere near right about the impending collapse of the global warming paradigm, life will suddenly become a whole lot more interesting. A great many founts of authority, most heads of government along with countless captains of industry, learned professors, and journalists will be profoundly embarrassed.”

So why all the hype on the global warming bandwagon? Its tempting to the layman to embrace with enthusiasm the latest bleak scenario because it fits the darkness of our soul, the prevailing cultural pessimism.


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