Bottled water is killing the planet


TUESDAY 3-25-08…There’s another war being fought….and it’s the war over bottled water. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is urging restaurants to stop offering customers the choice between bottled and local tap water. San Francisco has already banned the city from purchasing bottled water. One of the left-wingers on the Chico City Council wants this city to ban it, too.

Seattle’s mayor signed an executive order to stop his city from buying any. The reason for all this alarmist talk about bottled water is supposedly because of the energy it takes to manufacture the bottles. Now we’re being told that it’s not any different from tap water….and that people are simply wasting their money when they buy bottled water.

Is this war on bottled water really because of the energy it takes to manufacture the bottles? If an individual gives up drinking bottled water, can that person claim to have “saved the planet”. Can a city like Chico, San Francisco, Seattle, claim to have lightened the carbon footprint by banning bottled water? Truth is, it’s not gonna’ make one iota of difference to our planetary eco system. All it will accomplish is to make some people “feel good.”

It takes just as much energy to manufacture shampoo bottles, milk cartons, and detergent bottles, not to mention egg cartons, CD’s, and breast implants. If you wanna’ feel real good about yourself, give those up and believe you’ve saved the earth. Just don’t tell the residents of that Colorado town bottled water is the scourge of the earth.

News reports say it’ll be three more weeks before residents can drink water straight from the tap after dozens of cases of salmonella poisoning were linked to municipal water. The city and county have declared emergencies as officials scramble to provide bottled water. I wonder how many eco-freaks are gonna turn down the free bottled water just so they can feel good and virtuous, thinking they’re doing their part in saving the planet.


2 Responses

  1. Bruce can it get any funnier? YES!!

    All of the PC seeds that have been sown over the years are now sprouting quite a garden of conflicts and woes.

    They pushed the alternative fuel from corn idea only to discover that by pushing they have ensured that food and feed prices rise. We have also discovered that producing this fuel may be more “unfriendly to the planet” than refining oil!

    And now the party that claimed to be the champions of “people of color “and women (making the right the “bad guy” in the process) has pit one against the other in a race for president. The very un-PC flack has flown dark and dirty in the campaign and the entire world can now see that the left isn’t all that inclusive (or nice) after all.

    This bottled water thing is just the beginning of the many “warming” ways they will find to meddle…and gum up the works.

    Is it too much to hope that they will just drive themselves crazy for once?

  2. Re: “One of the left-wingers on the Chico City Council wants this city to ban it, too.”

    Since we live in a “nuclear free zone” it seems entirely appropriate that Chico ban bottled water. And Chico is just the town to do it.

    How about this for an alternate solution: The city collects water bottles, cleans, refills them with the local tap product, re-seals, and sells them as eco-friendly, low carbon, “City Of Chico Green Water”.

    The proceeds just might solve the budget fiasco.

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