Bill Richardson cuts a deal?

Bill Richardson

MONDAY 3-24-08…. The presidential race on the Democrat side is getting more fun to watch by the day. The Clintons have been cozying up to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in the hopes that he would publicly endorse Hillary’s campaign. Richardson, of course, a staunch ally of the Clintons, served as Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration; he also served as U. N. Ambassador.

He was a presidential candidate himself for awhile until he discovered he couldn’t get enough democrats to vote for him, so he dropped out of the race. The Clintons thought for sure Richardson would be a slam dunk to endorse Hillary…..but all along, all the Clintons ever got from Richardson was a promise that he would not endorse her opponent.

Still, the Clintons continued to schmooze Richardson. Bill Clinton flew to New Mexico to spend Super Bowl Sunday with him sharing a few brews and guacamole while they watched the game. They’d been close friends from the beginning. Richardson undoubtedly loved being courted by both sides. Was he waiting for the best deal? Quite possibly!

He’d already served in the Clinton cabinet, and at the U. N. What “prize” could top that? Vice President? No one wants to be Vice President in a Hillary White House because Bill will be living there, too in a co-president capacity if she wins. Any Vice President would be shuttled off to a basement office and never be heard from again.

But with Obama as president, well now…..that’s a whole different ballgame with the Vice Presidential slot wide open. Would Barack Obama dangle that carrot? Would that be enough to cause Richardson to betray his friends, the Clintons? Something did! James Carville, a friend of the Clintons, and a Hillary adviser is quoted saying “It was an act of betrayal. Richardson’s endorsement of Obama came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for thirty pieces of silver.”

We’ll have to wait and see if it was 30 pieces of silver…or the Vice Presidential nod.


2 Responses

  1. Is Democratic party politics always nasty and vicious to the extreme, or is it just me?

  2. It’s always vicious…but just wait until the dems decide on one candidate. Then watch to see how vicious they can really be.

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