The spoiler


THURSDAY 3-20-08… So….Ralph Nader says he’s tossing his hat into the presidential race. Again! Yep, again. He’s tried it twice already. Twice that I’m aware of anyway. Both times, he turned out to be nothing more than a tiny blip on a very large radar screen. So what could his real motivation be?

In 2000, he ran as the Green Party’s candidate for president and only won 2.7 percent of the national vote. He ran as an independent in 2004 but only managed to appear on the ballot in 34 states…but he still ran. He only garnered three-tenths of a percent of the vote. His chances of winning this time are none and none.

Republicans ignore him. Democrats revile him. Others refer to him as a spoiler, although I haven’t seen him spoil anyone else’s presidential aspirations yet.

He’s referred to as a “consumer advocate”….at least that’s how he gained his reputation. Appearing recently on a TV talk show, Nader blamed tax and other corporate-friendly policies by the Bush administration for the economic malaise….blamed the democrats for not stopping Bush on the war, and for not stopping him on the tax cuts. He said Bush administration policies have left many lower and middle class people in debt, but still blamed Bush for cutting their taxes.

So, why does Nader run? I’ve tried to figure out what his motivation might be. It couldn’t be to gain name recognition. He’s already got it. It couldn’t be to improve his popularity. He doesn’t have any. It couldn’t be because he actually thinks he can win. He can’t. He knows it. So…..why?

The only plausible solution I can think of is ……money! Candidates for public office solicit money. Lots of it. If 2.7 percent of voters nationwide who voted for him, kick in a few bucks each, that turns out to be a lotta’ scratch.

Kinda reminds me of a boxer who climbs into the ring against someone he knows is gonna’ clobber the crap out of ‘im. Doesn’t matter. Even flat on the canvas, he still gets a percentage of the purse.



2 Responses

  1. “He said Bush administration policies have left many lower and middle class people in debt.”

    This is, of course, a complete lie. But it’s about all Nader has to offer the American public.

    The big effort the left made to uplift the poor and less fortunate continues to be a complete failure. I’m speaking of the long war…the really loooong, loooong war…the “war on poverty”. You know, that magnanimous war of fifty-something years, that trillion dollar, no end in sight, ever expanding bugeted war of no returns…the war that has placed a big, long term strain on middle class budgets…the war that enjoyed bipartisan support and endured very little criticism. This is a policy that has destroyed families and kept people locked in a cycle of poverty for generations.

    None of the Bush policies have contributed to current market trends…which will reverse. The long war on poverty has kept people locked in poverty for decades…that is a policy, lauded by liberal democrats and independents, that has done great and lasting damage.

    Flat on the canvas? …sounds like a good end to me. Maybe one day the policy of a long “war on poverty” will suffer the same fate.

  2. Is there anyone who takes Nader seriously besides Nader?

    (Except for Democrats who view him as a threat.)

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