Money down the toilet


WEDNESDAY 3-19-08…Throughout the decade of the nineties, I interviewed political candidates of every stripe; Republican, Democrat, Greens, Peace & Freedom, and even those who “refuse to state.” These political wannabees were running for city councils, boards of supervisors, Legislative seats, statewide and national.

One of the questions I always asked was “when it comes to spending taxpayer money, where should the first priority be?” No candidate ever suggested the first priority should be library funding, or funding for the arts, or community social service organizations. Always….the answer was the first priority should be public safety….and that means police and fire protection.

So, the city of Chico spends thirty thousand dollars to take the pulse of the public. The results of the survey showed the majority of residents polled placed funding for public safety as the top priority. DUH!!! That’s why I was amazed at the surprise shown by some of our elected officials here In Chico. The council could’ve asked me, and I could’ve saved the city thirty grand.

City councilman Scott Gruendl says he figured the public supported funding for public safety in general …but now, because of the thirty thousand dollar survey, he’ll place a higher priority on Police Department staffing than Fire Department staffing. Whoa, councilor, Public safety encompasses police and fire….or didn’t you know that?

Council woman Mary Flynn is quoted in the Enterprise Record saying “the survey has the potential to have an influence on me, but I wouldn’t say at this point it has.” In other words, she voted to spend the thirty grand for the survey, but apparently the results didn’t come out the way she wanted.

City Councilman Larry Wahl voted against forking over thirty grand for the survey, and says “the survey’s results didn’t show us anything different that we didn’t already know. There was nothing to be gained from the expenditure of $30,000.”

It seems to me Larry Wahl is the only one on the council who has his finger on the pulse of the public, and the city’s purse strings.



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  1. Thanks to Larry Wahl for a wise vote and sound reasoning. It baffles me that they even DARE fork over thirty thousand of the people’s money when common sense would do. What’s wrong with the people?

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