Wellness gone whacko


TUESDAY 3-18-08 …He is an honors student, eighth grade class Vice President, and preparing to attend the honors dinner. Suddenly, he was barred from attending the honors dinner, stripped of his post as class vice president, and suspended from school!

First thoughts would be, did he take a gun to school, did he kill another student, was he dealing drugs? The answer would be “none of the above.” He simply bought a package of candy from another student. The Connecticut school levied those very punishments on an honor student with no history of misconduct, just for buying a bag of Skittles from his classmate.

You see…the school has what’s called a “Wellness Policy” that prohibits bake sales, classroom pizza parties……and the sale and possession of candy. The action by Superintendent Reginald Mayo and school principal Eleanor Turner created a firestorm in New Haven which spread like ripples on the water. When the dust cleared, school officials decided to clear the boy’s record and restore him to his student council post.

The incident prompted an op-ed piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution which compared many of the recent anti-obesity initiatives in American classrooms and state legislatures to Singapore’ shame-based education system. But according to the Center for Consumer Freedom, suspension for having candy isn’t the most absurd idea coming from such officials.

For example, Legislators in Georgia are attempting to pass a law that will mandate weigh-ins for school kids. Palm Beach, Florida has banned chain restaurants from opening in that island town. In Britain, the Food Standards Agency has considered plastering dairy products like cheese and butter, with cigarette-style health warnings, and recently instituted a policy instructing teachers to confiscate so-called “junk food”.

If officials are determined to micromanage and mandate our behavior, as it relates to our weight, wouldn’t it be better if they just mandated exercise?



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  1. Good point, Bruce.

    You bring up another:

    The control freaks in education have, for years, been consumed with making certain that childrenareprotected from things like “shaming” for fear of damaging them. This example illustrates beautifully that the policies adopted by liberals are whimsical in nature rather than being based in sound reasoning or principles.

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