My take on recent stories on the USS Liberty attack

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Recently, a lot of attention has been drawn to a blog that proposes a motive for the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. See this story: 

I was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany at the time of the USS Liberty attack.  My ship was off the coast of North Vietnam at the time…but the six-day war in the middle east had gotten “hot n’ heavy.”  We all heard about the attack on the USS Liberty….and while it supposedly was flying the U.S flag, the final word was “it was a case of mistaken identity.”  

Israel issued the standard apology…plus paid reparations to the U S, to the survivors, and next of kin.   Everytime I see this story regurgitated, it seems to develop new angles….pretty much like:

a.  the FBI new about the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma before it happened.  That’s why there were no FBI agents in their offices at the time.  

b.  The way the twin towers fell on 9-11 “proves” explosives were placed inside the building, and Bush knew it all along.  

c.  There were  no remains of an aircraft in the rubble of the pentagon on 9-11 and that “proves” Bush/Chaney had a hand in the explosion.  

Truth is….six countries in the middle east were on the eve of attacking and destroying Israel.  Israel struck first, and defeated six countries in six days.  It’s not too large of a stretch to understand that in war, you shoot first, ask questions later.  It wasn’t beyond the scope of Egypt’s military to hoist a U.S. flag on one of their ships in an effort to glean military secrets and advantage over Israel during that war.   In fact, Egypt scuttled a hundred of their own ships in the Suez canal hoping to block the canal.   So…bottom line, I would take the reincarnated story of the USS Liberty with a grain o’ salt.  There is no doubting that it DID happen.  The question remains, “was it mistaken identity?”  I personally believe that it was. 

All that crock about LBJ preparing to “nuke” Egypt is just so much hogwash.  This country was already enmeshed in the Vietnam war.  What useful purpose of starting a “nuke” war would be gained?


2 Responses

  1. The facts about the attack can be found at
    as researched and reported by Pulitzer-winning journalist John Crewdson and published on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

    Bottom line: They deliberately attacked a ship they knew to be American and lied about it. The facts have long been acknowledged by almost every member of the US intelligence community.

    See and

    James Ennes

  2. Check out my Photographic Essay on this at my blog site!

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