Thank goodness our legislators aren’t effective

FRIDAY 3-14-08 There are an awful lot of people here in California who’re upset that the Democrats in our state legislature failed to deliver health care for all. In truth, they should be thanking lawmakers.

You see, in Massachusetts, they have a so-called “health care for all” program. It’s official title is the Massachusetts universal coverage plan.

It was signed into law by then-governor Mitt Romney, and touted as proof that it can be done. That was then…..this is now.

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, the plan is over regulated and largely unworkable. It is mandated that every resident buy in to one of several different health plans….and the least expensive plan for an individual, according to the Boston Globe, is a hundred ninety six bucks a month.

So, while it’s mandated that everyone buy in, not all have. So, what to do? Start levying fines for those that don’t! The fine for not having insurance runs about 98 bucks a month….about half of what it would’ve cost to buy in. The fines imposed on the residents began for the first time this year and the fines accrue every month on those individuals not insured. The fines are due as part of the tax-filing process for the year.

The Cato Institute’s Arnold King, interviewed by Health Care News says the fines are an indication of the failure of the program to provide the affordable health care insurance that was promised.

So now, the state of Massachusetts is faced with a crisis. How’s the state handling it? Officials have ordered insurance carriers to cut payments to doctors and hospitals, reduce choices even more for patients, and quite possibly (according to a report in the Boston Globe) increase how much patients will have to pay.

Yep….Californians should thank our Democrat-controlled state legislature for sparing us such a “gift” that’s been bestowed upon the residents of Massachusetts. 


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  1. I’m more than willing to thank them for FAILING…failing to get what THEY WANTED…who do I thank for succeeding in stopping them? Some mean uncooperative, thoughtless republicans no doubt? Hooray for them!!

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