Presidential Pimping Promises


THURSDAY 3-13-08…Watching the presidential candidates pimp themselves for votes is a comedy in itself because there’s no way in this wide world they can keep those promises. But that fact seems lost on those who are being promised everything under the sun. Both democrat candidates are promising to be all things to all people, and to reward all people with the largesse from the federal treasury.

Barack Obama is promising $4,000 dollar credits to help pay college tuition. Hillary Clinton is promising twenty five billion dollars for home heating subsidies. Obama promises to rebate the first $500 of Social Security payroll taxes. Hillary is promising to provide one thousand dollar tax credits for retirement savings.

Obama is proposing tax cuts for senior citizens and college students, and five hundred dollars for every wage-earner. Both Hillary and Obama have done an about face and now say they would keep in place many of the Bush tax cuts including cuts for most taxpayers and the thousand dollar per child tax credit.

Obama is promising a sixty billion dollar investment in infrastructure and an eighteen billion dollar per year boost in education spending. Promising and delivering are two entirely different things…..but there are those out there in “election land” that’re gullible enough to believe it all.

Bob Greenstein who is with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says “none of the candidates is coming to grips with budget realities”… and that’s true. But it doesn’t matter during the campaign. Promise ‘em anything that’ll win a vote. After the election, nobody–including the candidates– will remember all the promises that were made….or which candidate made ‘em.

After he or she wins the prize of the presidency, none of it will matter, because all that mattered all along was the prize, not the promises.




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