Don’t worry BEE happy

WEDNESDAY 3-12-08…The economic news seems to get worse as each day passes. People out of work, losing their homes, up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, finding it increasingly difficult to pay their bills and put food on the table. Analysts say things will get worse before they get better.

Now, rising out of that scenario, is a group that actually believes it can con you into agreeing to pay more in taxes. According to the Sacramento BEE, a broad spectrum of special interest groups has joined forces in a battle to press Governor Schwarzenegger and lawmakers to raise taxes.

According to the BEE, members say the goal of the newly formed umbrella coalition is to raise public awareness about the effect of budget cuts, and to press elected officials into supporting increasing everyone’s taxes. They plan to do it by launching a grass-roots campaign to drum up public support for higher taxes. That’s right! I can see it all now. Rallies around the state telling everyone that their taxes aren’t high enough…that they need to be taxed even more.

I don’t think it’ll play very well to the people who’ve lost their jobs, their homes, and are struggling with gasoline prices inching upwards by the day to near four bucks a gallon. But, it should be lots of fun to watch and see if rank and file Californians can be manipulated into believing they’re not taxed enough…and watching to see if throngs of Californians take to the streets demonstrating and begging to be taxed more.

Yep….gonna be lots of fun watching it all play out, especially in wake of the news that our state’s general fund spending has increased a whopping 32 percent in just the past five years.

It’s time to curtail the spending. It’s not the time to raise taxes so lawmakers can spend even MORE.


3 Responses

  1. “…members say the goal of the newly formed umbrella coalition is to raise public awareness…”

    As if we aren’t already painfully aware of both excesses…taxes and spending.

    I think this coalition should pass the hat among themselves, make a donation, and consider doing something else with that umbrella.

  2. Bruce:

    Three questions for your next posting on the Tidbits from the BS notebook:

    1. Why is it that you are not calling for the recall of Governor Schwarzenegger during California’s budget crises as you did when his predecessor, Gray Davis, was Governor of our great state? Gov. Schwarzenegger promised to clean up the state’s fiscal house and has failed to do so. And don’t try to blame it on the democrats; the Governor can red pencil out expenditures as he sees fit. Bruce – you are not being consistent and your partisanship is really showing.

    2. In light of the uproar about Obama’s pastor, why haven’t you mentioned that George Bush, when he was campaigning for the Presidency in 2000, visited and campaigned at that bastion of racial segregarion and Jim Crow: Bob Jones University.

    3. Why no sarcastic comments about the quick action by the President and his cabinet with respect to the NSBLBA…that is the No Stock Broker Left Behind Act implemented by the President and his team in ONE WEEKEND! Absolutely amazing what can be done when one’s rich supporters are in trouble. Of course, the President thinks a “market solution” is the answer for the sub prime mortgage debacle. So much for republican/conservative principles!

  3. To question #1: Gray Davis hiked the car tax, agreed to give drivers licenses to illegals, and his administration failed to appeal the denial of prop 187…and so much more. Arnold isn’t living up to his promises, but he’s no Gray Davis, and certainly doesn’t deserve to be recalled.

    #2 I’ve never heard anyone at Bob Jones University “damn America” or call this country the
    U.S of KKK A. Bush was certainly within his rights to campaign on that campus….just as John McCain did this year. (Remember, Jesus preached to the money-changers, tax collectors, and whore mongers.)

    #3 The quick action by the Fed was necessary to prevent a “domino effect” that would’ve touched everyone–not just Wall Streeters.

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