Sue the warm-mongers


MONDAY 3-10-08…I waited, watched, and read…..all week long, and over the weekend, trying to catch even one word from the mainstream media about the convention that just concluded. It was the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change held in New York.

One of the speakers, John Coleman, who founded the Weather Channel in 1982 told the audience that he was highly critical of global warming alarmism. He went on to say “The Weather Channel had great promise, and that’s all gone now because they’ve made every mistake in the book on what they’ve done, and how they’ve done it….and it’s very sad. Suffice it to say, the Weather Channel has lost its way.”

He pointed out that the Weather channel has been an outlet for global warming alarmism. He pointed out how the Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen argued on her blog that weathercasters who had doubts about human influence on global warming should be punished with desertification by the American Meteorological Society. And then, he dropped a bombshell.

He explained to the audience his strategy for exposing what he calls “the fraud of global warming.” He’s advocating suing anyone who sells carbon credits. He says that’ll force global warming alarmists to give more honest accounts of the policies they propose.

He said…..and I quote…..”I have a feeling this is the opening. If the lawyers will take the case –sue the people who sell carbon credits–and that includes Al Gore, the lawsuit would get so much publicity, and so much media attention. As the experts get on the stand to testify, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

Also at the conference, Lord Christopher Monckton, policy advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He told the audience that the science will eventually prevail, and the “scare” of global warming will go away. He agreed with Coleman that the courts were a good avenue to show the true science.

Now…why do you suppose none of this has garnered the interest of the mainstream press? Hmmm?


2 Responses

  1. What a great idea!

    Nice rhetorical Bruce…with luck the court cases will go OJ for us…the MSM will be torn but money will win the day…delicious.

    The mess that this fraud has perpetrated on the world and world markets and economies is truly stinkin.

  2. I agree, we should sue the b#@$%#’s! Let’s start with Algore, he’s really been asking for it! lol

    Excellent article Bruce, your reporter skills shine as bright as ever!

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