Let’s arm the Chico City Council!


WEDNESDAY 3-5-08….In the wake of the city council shootings in Missouri, the city of Chico is investigating ways to beef up security during this city’s council meetings. The idea is to improve the safety of the Chico City Council Chambers without much cost. The city manager says “we’re kinda’ wide open in there, so we just need to look at our system.”

The police chief says the steps that may be most visible to the public include locking doors, and having the city councilors to be more aware of the surroundings, and instructing them to close the blinds when they meet in closed sessions……and he may also do some safety training. Now, that is a great idea.

Safety training should include the issuance of a Glock-40 semi-automatic to the council. The Glock-40 would be rotated each week, from one council member to the next so that an assassin wouldn’t know which council member was carrying concealed at any given time.

Then I got to thinkin’, the Glock-40 should only be rotated between the Conservative council members. If the rotation were to include the liberal councilors, they’d want to engage an assassin in dialog rather than using the Glock-40. They’d ask the assassin things like…”Take a moment before you kill us, and tell us where society went wrong to cause you to take this course of action.” And “What can we do as a society to help you overcome the depression and low self-esteem you’re now experiencing. It’s not your fault. It’s society’s fault, and we want to help you before you kill us all.”

The Conservative councilor would simply pull out the Glock-40 and empty the clip. Problem solved! Assassin eliminated from the gene pool, no trial…no lawyers, no jail time at taxpayers expense. All council members could then get back to the task of trying to balance the city’s budget….which would include setting aside money to replace the bullets in the Glock-40.   


3 Responses

  1. Just a darn minute, before we go off half cocked, what research has been done? No commission has been appointed and no independent studies have been done.

    The logical first step is to appoint a commission to examine and advise what the focus of a commission to examine this matter should be.

    Potential commissioners need to be screened and approved, competent, credentialed researchers must be found and studies must be funded. Once the reports are in then the public charettes can be held.

    Only then can public hearings be properly held and the matter properly reviewed.

  2. Oh hell, David….I forgot those little “inconvenient truths.” You’re absolutely right!

  3. Bruce your suggestion for “safety training” is a good one…I suggest a big mean guard dog as well. In fact I think a sign should be placed outside the door…”Beware of Armed and Dangerous Council Members” and in slightly smaller print, “Guard Dog on Duty”.

    I also think it would be excellent if all institutions and organizations did likewise. we should also take out ads in local papers and the New York Times, S.F. Comical, etc. letting the world know that decent American’s will no longer put up with people who choose to participate in violent acts of aggression. It’s time to take a stand for decency…it’s time to let people know what we expect of them and how they must behave if they want to continue to breathe free…or breathe period!

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