No donuts for you!


THURSDAY 2-28-08….I see where our state legislators are hard at work creating legislation to protect us…..from ourselves! One of ‘em is a holdover from last year that never got anywhere, but certainly could this year. It’s a bill that would require chain restaurants to post nutritional information on menus.

As legislative thinking goes, if you walk into a restaurant with the idea of ordering steak and lobster, you will probably change your mind and order a fruit salad instead. If you walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts expecting a cup of coffee and a donut, you might just change your mind, go someplace else, and order bean sprouts and wheat water instead.

It isn’t just a California boondoggle; other states are toying with the idea. According to the Center for Consumer Freedom, the food cop campaign to plaster our nation’s menus with warning labels received a major setback. It came from University of Alabama researcher and Obesity Society president-elect, Dr. David Allison. He presented expert testimony to the U.S. district court against mandatory menu labeling.

He told the New York Times he wasn’t taking sides in the obesity epidemic fight, but was merely laying out the facts. And the facts show that labeling might deter over-eating, but might not…..and in fact might even be harmful.

His 43-page affidavit to the court demonstrated two key points: First, there’s no credible evidence that calorie displays on menus would affect consumer choices. Second, there is evidence to suggest the new rules could backfire by adding to the forbidden-fruit allure of high calorie foods, or by sending patrons away hungry enough that they will later gorge themselves even more.

The Center for Consumer Freedom says “with no proof to support the food cops outlandish claims, how can nutrition activists justify the imposed costs and possible unintended consequences of menu labeling? The bottom line is, they can’t.”

Lets hope California legislators get the hint and quit trying to be our nannies.



9 Responses

  1. You conveniently left out the fact that David Allison was PAID by the New York State Restaurant Association to write up the “evidence.”

  2. I’m quite sure the Obesity Society’s President-elect wouldn’t allow himself to be bribed by the restaurant association. He presented the 43 page summary to the court, not to the press.

  3. Dr. Allison said: “First, there’s no credible evidence that calorie displays on menus would affect consumer choices.”

    I don’t know what constitutes “credible evidence” but there is some evidence that labeling doesn’t help to prevent obesity. We have been labeling food in America for a long time and people have gotten heavier.

    If people want to know the calorie content (or the fat, sugars, carbs, etc.) of the food they eat they can easily make an estimate based on the food they buy and prepare at home. Also there are countless books on the subject, some that include specific items at fast food chains like Burger King and Taco bell. As far as I know, the government has already required food chains to have this information available on request.

    It wasn’t enough to burden restaurant owners with higher employee costs by raising the minimum wage…twice!…now they want to pile on with a useless expense (new menues) that won’t do a dang thing but clutter up the menu.

    You’re so right Bruce, this is another crazy nanny state idea. Now would somebody please…pass the donuts! I don’t usually eat them…but it’s worth asking for one just to “tweak” the nanny nuts.

  4. Tina….I like doin’ that, too! (As often as possible.

  5. Update: David Allison has resigned as President-Elect of the Obesity Society

  6. Yes, and in his letter of resignation, he states that he stands behind his statements made in court that there is no clear evidence that calories postings work.He stated “While a great many of you contacted me to voice tremendous support for both me and my actions, enough of you have expressed doubts that I no longer feel I am the best leader.”

    The current president Gary Foster, Director for the Obesity Research and Eduction Center at Temple University sent an accompanying email accepting Allison’s withdrawal and praising him as an exceptionally gifted and productive scientist.

    While some denegrated Dr. Allison’s accepting payment for his research from the restaurant associaton, it should be pointed out that the Obesity Society relies heavily on industry for its budget, accepting more that a million last year from various companies including GlaxoSmithKline.

    It’s okay for THEM….but not Dr. Allison?

  7. Come on, people. The Rockefeller-funded food police created the obesity epidemic in the first place. It’s like Hermann Goering burning down the Reichstag Building and blaming it on the “communist” opposition. The only reason obesity has skyrocketed is because the food supply has switched from natural fats and natural sweeteners to man-made fats and man-made sweeteners. Obesity rates skyrocketed when:

    * Soft drinks went from cane sugar (natural) to high-fructose corn syrup (man-made) and aspartame (man-made).

    * Fast food joints switched their frying oils from beef fats to partially-hydrogenated oils (trans fats, which are man-made).

    * Snack food companies switched their frying/cooking/baking oils from coconut oil to partially-hydrogenated oils (trans fats, which are man-made).

    Did you know that in their March 1988 Nutrition Action newsletter, CSPI actually ADVOCATED trans fats? This isn’t conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy FACT.

  8. Darth, nobody cares about your stupid little obesity troof movement. What has your
    insignificant obesity troofy troof ramblings accomplished? Nothing. I think you obesity troof movement is far more dangerous than Fat Man Jones’ 9/11 twoofy twoof movement. He gives aid and comfort to al-Qaeda and all the nutjob Obama birf troofers, while your obesity troof movement gives aid and comfort to junk food peddlers.

    Nobody cares about your troofy troof, and nobody cares about you. In fact, do the world a big favor and just kill yourself.

  9. Oh and Darth, I read that article you linked to. CSPI didn’t advocate trans fats. They didn’t whitewash trans fats. They said the trans fats were dangerous. Once again, a nutball troofer fails to get anything correct.

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