Hillary’s qualifications

TUESDAY 2-26-08…Over the next couple of weeks, we’re all going to start hearing about how “qualified” Hillary Clinton is to be the next Commander In Chief. Her campaign says they’ll use that ploy in hopes of diminishing Barack Obama’s popularity. But, when I hear the words “Hillary” and “Commander in Chief in the same sentence, it has to be the greatest oxymoron since that word was invented.

You do remember Hillary as “First Lady” don’t you? Yes, the same “First Lady” who prohibited anyone in a military uniform to enter the White House. You may also remember the First Lady’s husband, Bill Clinton who admitted that he “abhorred” the military. So, now we’re being told that she is the most qualified to be Commander in Chief of the military.

In an interview with the on-line homosexual magazine The Blade, Hillary says, as commander in chief, she would rescind the “don’t ask, don’t tell” regulations of the military, and allow homosexuals to serve openly.

Hillary’s top strategist and poll taker is Mark Penn who told reporters that her campaign will focus on the issue of who is better qualified to be commander in chief. He says Hillary would be the better commander of the nation’s armed forces than both Obama and Senator John McCain. I’m not sure if Penn has been smoking those funny little cigarettes or whether he just doesn’t remember Hillary as “First Lady.”

I certainly do. I remember when the First Lady finally left the White House, she had to return $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork she had stolen. How’s that for a potential “commander in chief” of the military?

She, and her husband hold the military in contempt, and apparently, they both want to have another crack at the White House furniture, china, and artwork.


4 Responses

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  2. Laura Wattenberg didn’t write it. I did!


  3. I guess you could say she’s only qualified to be commander-in-thief.

    Great picture!

  4. Good one!!

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