Behind the scenes shenanigans in Democratic presedential race


MONDAY 2-25-08…There are some strange things going on in the Democrat party’s race for the presidential nomination. Some behind the scenes shenanigans that are reminiscent of behind the scenes shenanigans democrats pulled off nearly four decades ago. Bobby Kennedy was a shoo-in to win it all until he was felled by an assassin’s bullet. Senator Eugene McCarthy stepped in to fill his shoes, and Bobby Kennedy’s followers gravitated to McCarthy.

Most of ‘em were young, college age students, left-wing liberals, and anti-war protesters. It was 1968, and McCarthy was promising to end the war in Vietnam immediately upon assuming office. Then came the democrat convention in Chicago. It was there, that the democrat “machine” selected Hubert Humphrey to be the democrat’s standard bearer. Notice, I said “selected”.

That move resulted in the rather infamous Chicago riots which were eventually put down by Mayor Richard Daley’s truncheon-wielding police department. Fires were set, cars were burned, …and when the smoke cleared, those disenchanted college students, left wing liberals and anti war zealots didn’t even bother to vote in the general election, which was won by Republican Richard Nixon.

Today, we’re hearing some Democrat leaders expressing concern that the tight contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton might ultimately hinge on the positions of some 700 party insiders known as super delegates.

Those are the elected lawmakers or governors, and other party big wigs who are supposed to exercise their independent judgment to vote contrary to public opinion if they believe another candidate has a better chance of winning.

According to Obama’s campaign manager, the Clinton campaign says they have two options for trying to win the nomination; attempt to have super delegates overturn the will of the Democrat voters, or change the rules in order to seat non existing delegates from Florida and Michigan. Sounds to me like the Democrat “machine” is getting oiled up for a repeat of 1968.


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  1. As in Florida with Gore…changing the rules in the middle is always an option for dems. The super delegates seemed poised to abandon Hillary so that may be the only option left for her.

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