Nanny Government: coming to a legislature near you.


FRIDAY 2-22-08…California isn’t the only state where legislators create controversial pieces of legislation. I already told you about Mississippi and it’s bill to make it illegal for restaurants to serve fat people. Fortunately, that bill died by way of a pocket veto. The Virginia General Assembly has come up with a bill to restrict payday lending. The bill limits to five, the number of loans that any one person can have in a year.

While payday loans, along with their usury interest and late fees have caused problems for some people, the question is…is it really the state government’s business? Tim Miller, Communications director for the Center for Consumer Freedom says no….and he makes a good point.

He says “if the General Assembly chooses to limit our consumption of goods and services, where may this lead? Some consumers like Twinkies, maybe they should be limited to five per year, lest they get fat. ATM transactions can be as costly per $100 dollars as payday loans. Perhaps the General Assembly should limit ATM use to five times per year. How about five lottery tickets per year? Five cans of soda? Five cuss words? Five unkind thoughts?”

Many great Virginians built this American democracy on freedom of choice and individual liberty. The current delegates and senators in Virginia should take their cue and allow current consumers those same freedoms.


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  1. This is fun…how about five anti-war rallies, five massages, five trips to Starbucks, five bicycle rides, five vacation days, five glasses of chardoney, five complaints to the boss, five slanderous comments about America…the list could be endless!

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