Consenus ain’t what it used to be.

WEDNESDAY 2-20-08…One of the news items that moved over the wires reads this way: “Carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is the leading component of greenhouse gases, which scientist say are playing a key role in warming the globe.” Another news item that appeared in the newspaper Investors Business Daily states “Not every scientist is part of Al Gore’s mythical consensus. Scientists worried about a new ice age seek funding to better observe something bigger than your SUV — the sun.

So, while Al Gore and SOME scientists, politicians, and other doomsayers say it’s all fossil fuels fault, the earth is warming and we’re all gonna’ die….other scientists at the Danish Meteorological Institute have released a study that shows global temperatures closely track solar cycles. So, why is that some scientists have jumped on Al Gore’s global warming bandwagon, while scientists who haven’t, aren’t being listened to?

Canadian scientists are seeking additional funding for more and better eyes with which to observe the sun, which they say “has a bigger impact on Earth’s climate than all the tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet combined.” Then, there was the Hoover Institute Study which examined historical data. According to Hoover fellow Bruce Berkowitz, the effects of solar activity and volcanoes were impossible to miss. Temperatures fluctuated exactly as expected, and the pattern was so clear that, statistically, the odds of the correlation existing by chance were one in a hundred.

He said “Try as we might, we simply couldn’t find any relationship between industrial activity, energy consumption and changes in global temperatures.”

That certainly shoots Al Gore’s theory full of holes…and yet he wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

The writer of an editorial in the latest issue of Chico News and Review should get a peace prize too, because that writer has a theory just as Al Gore did. The person writes “there is one hugely important thing we as consumers can do to help slow climate change. We can eat less meat.” Yep, that oughtta’ do it!


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  1. The “oh brothers” are piling up like plastic water bottles in a recycling center.

    Global Warmists just get nuttier and nuttier.

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