Documents? We don’t need no stinkin documents!


TUESDAY 2-19-08…I remember asking the question a few years back…”why is it that a person identified in the media as a homeless person, is mysteriously identified as a transient if they’re caught committing a crime?” In other words, why does a homeless person begging for spare change on the street suddenly receive a change in designation to transient if he’s involved in a crime?

We used to call people who begged for food and money, bums, tramps and hobos. Those terms went out because of political correctness and I’m sure self-esteem must have played a part. Calling them bums tramps and hobos would probably lower their self esteem, so they’re now called homeless. (Unless they’re involved in a crime, then they’re transients.)

It seems the media plays the same game with illegal aliens. They’re not illegal aliens anymore…they’re undocumented immigrants. This short paragraph in the Sacramento Bee confirms that. It reads “The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 53 percent of the national agricultural work force is undocumented. The percentage of undocumented workers on California farms is believed to be substantially higher.”

Why don’t they just say it like it really is? We all know they’re illegal aliens. If the mainstream media wants to soft-pedal illegality, let’s take it a step further, just to be fair and non-discriminatory. From now, don’t call a bank robber, a bank robber. The person merely made an unauthorized withdrawal. That drug dealer on the corner, or in the alley? He’s just an unlicensed pharmacist.


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  1. Murderers could be unauthorized Euthanasiacs…and rapists undocumented sex therapists…hmmm, what shall we call an embezzler?

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