Recess! Lets get outta Dodge!


MONDAY 2-18-08…There’s always been a question mark over this democrat-controlled Congress. The question being “are they really serious about being tough on terrorism?” Oh, they’ve said they are, but the democrats historical record of wanting to run up the white flag of surrender in Iraq, their calls to shut down Guantanamo and move all the terrorist prisoners into the criminal justice system of this country, complete with lawyers and a bill of rights, certainly gives folks a reason to doubt their sincerity.

Late last week, the democrat Congress removed all doubt! Congress adjourned for a twelve-day recess without acting on the Protect America Act. That act authorizes the U.S. Intelligence community to quickly monitor terrorist communications coming into this country, and originating in this country to countries overseas.

Because the democrat congress felt their vacations were more important than the lives of American citizens, the Protect America Act expired Saturday night at midnight. Oh, they had a chance to vote on it and approve the Senate version, which would’ve kept the Act in existence. Instead, they voted in favor of contempt of court citations against two White House aides….the adjourned and headed out of Washington. The democrat’s game of “gotcha”…more important than the safety of America’s cities.

Republican minority Leader John Boehner said “As Members of Congress return to their congressional districts for the twelve-day recess, terrorists will continue plotting to attack our nation and our allies. The American people will have every reason to ask why House Democrats have undermined the ability of our intelligence officials to protect us.”

Let’s hope the American electorate continue to ask that question right up to the November general election.


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  1. Bruce I guess we shouldn’t be shocked or surprised…when has Nancy Pelosi ever been on the correct side of any issue?

    I read an interesting piece on the huge donations (1.5 mil) that sixty-six trial lawyers gave a handful of democrats…including Hillary & Obama. Just so happens they’re the same legal scum going after the telecommunications industry with over 40 multi-billion dollar lawsuits.

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