The Nunez-Perata Prop 93 scam crashes and burns


WEDNESDAY 2-13-08…With Proposition 93 having crashed and burned, the political careers of the two legislative leaders have likewise crashed and burned. Based on their comments in the wake of the proposition’s defeat, I use the term “legislative leaders” very loosely.

Senate President Don Perata said the measure was likely doomed from the outset because it protected incumbents and didn’t change the way legislative districts are drawn. DUH! Ya’ think??? Perata is quoted as saying “I think it was pretty clear what the voters wanted and they weren’t given it.”

The fact that newspaper columnists, and editorials statewide were shouting incessantly that prop 93 was flawed didn’t give you a clue, Perata? It was a scam from the get-go and you–as a legislative leader–knew it, but you forgot one important thing. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

The other so-called legislative leader, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says he takes responsibility for the failure of Prop 93. He admits –NOW–that it was a mistake not to pair it with the promised redistricting reform. Pundits, columnists, and editorials have been screaming that as well. You didn’t hear them, Nunez? Oh, I forgot. You’ve been too busy traipsing around the world buying twelve thousand dollar bottles of wine and livin’ high on the hog on other people’s money.

So, the two legislative leaders have finally discovered why their scam didn’t work. Perata admits it was doomed because it protected incumbents. Yep, we knew that. Nunez says it was a mistake not to pair it with redistricting reform. Yep, we knew that, too.

And so, with that, let me be the first to wish you both bon voyage, as you begin to seek work out in the real world, where you’ll have to live with the rules and regulations you’ve caused to be enacted during your tenures as legislative “leaders.”

(Comments pro or con in the space below.)


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