Kerry swiftboats the weather


MONDAY 2-11-08…..The swath of killer tornadoes that tore through five southern states on Primary Election Day, claimed at least fifty seven lives, with hundreds injured. According to press reports, it was the nation’s deadliest barrage of twisters in almost twenty three years.

After reading all the news stories following the tragedy, my first thought was “some blithering idiot is gonna’ blame it all on global warming” in spite of the fact that winter tornadoes have happened before, have been more severe, have taken more lives, and will certainly happen again.

The “blithering idiot” turned out to be none other than Senator John Kerry; who appeared on MSNBC and said “I don’t want to sort of leap into the larger meaning of, you know, inappropriately, but on the other hand, the weather service has told us we’re going to have more and more intense storms, and insurance companies say they’ll be more intense because of global warming.”


Link to video of Kerry here

If John Kerry had taken the time to read all the press coverage following the tornado blitz, he would’ve seen this statement from the National Weather Service: ” While the weather was unusually severe, winter tornadoes are not uncommon. The peak tornado season is late winter through midsummer, but the storms can happen at anytime of the year.”

Meteorologists say don’t blame it on global warming…..blame it on La Nina. According to Joseph Schaefer, director of Storm Prediction center in Norman Oklahoma, La Nina doesn’t specifically cause tornadoes but it helps shift the jet stream, pushing storms from the West and moisture from the Gulf into the necessary collision course over the South.

It would also be wise to remember the words of scientist Dr. Roy Spencer who said “In 2008, it is crucially important that the public stay alert for environmental extremists presenting, and media and politicians blindly repeating, natural events as unnatural. Temperature is always rising and falling, glaciers advance and retreat, drought and floods occur over and over. Climate is changing all the time and much more quickly than Darwinian-driven western science allows.”

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See also a writeup by Anthony Watts on the why severe weather seems to be getting more common.


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  1. John and Al…they’re like a twin set now having both been defeated in bids for the presidency. It’s only fitting that Kerry now take up Al’s cross, so to speak. Or is he merely hoping some of that international “fame” will rub off? Ah well…we suffer the fools as they strut upon the stage…full of sound and fury…

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