Park Service Rep: “Lets hope for the right virus…”


WEDNESDAY 2-06-08… Sometimes, when I read the headlines of stories in the newspapers, a chill runs down my spine. Not because they’re scary in a “horror movie” type of way. Rather, scary in the way people think nowadays. They’re not only thinking in strange ways, they’re actually speaking out to the press.

Couple of quick examples. A story in Friday’s Sacramento BEE on the subject of global warming. The headline: Climate: The big task is changing people’s habits. Another, in the Enterprise Record, same day: STUDY: Human Creature Comforts drying up planets resources. And still another: “Human Beings are Causing Drought.”

And this story carried on CNS News out of Fairfax Virginia: “George Mason University on Tuesday hosted a teach-in on global warming, at which school officials pledged to do their part to mitigate carbon emissions, and instructed students that humanity is responsible for warming the earth.

But perhaps the scariest of all was the statement by David Graber, a research biologist with the U.S. National Park Service who said….and I quote…..”Human happiness, and certainly human productivity and creativity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet. I know social scientists who reminded me that people are part of nature, but it isn’t true.

“Somewhere along the line–at about a billion years ago–we quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth. It is cosmically unlikely that the developed world will choose to end its orgy of fossil energy consumption, and the Third world its suicidal consumption of landscape. Until such time as human beings should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along. Yep…..there are some very scary people out there, saying some very scary things

Following Graber’s remarks, Dr. Timothy Ball said those comments are a frightening mix of Darwinism, social Darwinism, environmentalism, economics, socialism and of course, anti-humanism. Yet, incredibly, they provide a framework for understanding the driving force behind the dangerous focus on CO2 emission reduction.


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  1. Graber’s comments are not that unusual for environmentalists. For decades most have considered humans to be a parasitical blight on the earth. Applause for the mass death of humans (and not other species) has for a long time been a bizarre aspect of environmental conferences.

    In 2006 Dr. Eric R. Pianka gave a speech before the Texas Academy of Science endorsing the Ebola virus as an efficient means for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population. He received an enthusiastic and prolonged standing ovation.

    The president of the Texas Academy of Science presented him with a plaque naming him 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

    As a point of information, Ebola victims suffer horrendously tortuous deaths. The virus kills by liquefying internal organs.

  2. One kook now and then we can expect but:

    “He received an enthusiastic and prolonged standing ovation.”

    This is really sick!

  3. Please don’t confuse kooks like this as being part of the Forest Service as the headline would have us believe. Your article states this Graber works for the Park Service, which is in an entirely diffrerent Department (Interior) than the U.S. Forest Service (Agriculture).

    REPLY: That was a mistake, fixed now and thank you for pointing it out.

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