Deja Vu all over again

MONDAY 2-04-08….According to the analysts and political prognosticators, the upcoming General election will be a contest between Republican Senator John McCain, and either democrats Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I find that scenario eerily similar to the contest between Republicans Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and the Democrat nominee Jimmy Carter.

Ford had been appointed to the presidency to fill out the unexpired term of disgraced Richard Nixon. Ford was seeking the nomination of his party to continue his role in the presidency. Reagan was a newcomer, with conservative ideas….fresh ideas….but the Republican convention picked Ford. …to go up against the Democrat’s Jimmy Carter who was promising “change.”

The general public… had grown tired of the Nixon/Ford years and wanted change…..and the choice had boiled down to business as usual with Republican Gerald Ford, or something new in the form of Jimmy Carter, the democrat. Carter won the general election, and as history has shown, the Carter years were the worst in modern history. And Carter was a military veteran, too.

Under Carter, an extreme Liberal, the economy crashed, inflation was seventeen percent, the U.S. Military was neutered, and humiliated. His administration–mercifully– lasted just one term. He was ousted by none other than…..the Conservative Ronald Reagan. So, how is today’s scenario eerily similar?

Republican John McCain, a military veteran, versus democrats Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. All three are proven Liberals. All three favor amnesty for illegal aliens, all three were against the Bush tax cuts, all three have jumped on the global warming bandwagon….just to name a few. They are liberals In lockstep.

If this country and the ideals that made it great are about to crash and burn under the ideology of Liberalism, I prefer that a democrat be at the controls of government. That way, when it comes time to rebuild this great nation, we will forever remember the political party and it’s liberal ideology that was in power, and caused it to crash and burn. Hopefully, we will then relegate liberalism to the dustbin of history.


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  1. Under Carter, an extreme Liberal, the economy crashed, inflation was seventeen percent, the U.S. Military was neutered, and humiliated.

    Bruce, you’re on top of it as usual…add to your list the eerily important, if not similar, Middle East situation. Carter was responsible for turning Iran toward radical extremes and anti-American hatred. If we fail to continue in our efforts in the Middle East in moving toward democracy we will reap a terrible whirlwind and once again be seen as a country that betrays freedom fighters in the area.

    I would prefer too that liberals (democrats) get the credit for this kind of betrayal of American values, reputation and resolve in foreign affairs.

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