A Double Standard for Middle East Agression

FRIDAY 2-01-08.…It was Tuesday morning last week, as children in the southern Israeli city of Sderot were heading to school, that Palestinian terrorists launched six rockets at the Israeli community. The day before, a total of eleven mortars shells were launched at Israel. The day before that, seven mortars and rockets were launched at other southern Israeli communities.

By the time Friday rolled around, Palestinians had launched some 240 Kassam rockets and mortar shells at southern Israeli communities during the four day period. Now, you probably didn’t read or hear about any of this during the week it was going on. For some reason, we don’t seem to read or hear about any of the things happening to the citizens of Israel…….unless or until…..Israel fights back.

By the time that Friday rolled around, Israel had had enough, and closed the borders to Gaza from where the rockets had been fired. Almost immediately, Palestinian and Arab countries furiously complained that Israel was violating international law by imposing what they called “collective punishment” on the Gaza strip by closing that border.

Even the U N got involved accusing Israel of causing a humanitarian crisis.

The Palestinians say a diesel fuel shortage forced it to close its power generator leading to electricity cutoffs….and that innocent people were gonna’ die. Why weren’t the Palestinian people concerned about the innocent Israeli children that were in the crosshairs of those terrorist rockets and mortars?

Why did the United Nations condemn Israel for closing the border, without condemning Palestinian militants for bombarding southern Israeli communities? Why is it that one side gets a free pass when it comes to trying to kill children on the other side….while the other side gets condemned for trying to stop it?

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  1. Bruce we could fill a library on this subject. The rise of anti-semitism around the world is astonishing for those of us old enough to have been around following WWII. How soon we forget those hard learned lessons, eh?

    It also doesn’t help that countries in positions of power on the UN human rights council are not friends of Israel…and we also know the roll western media plays.

    Bottom line it may just be an injustice of, shall we say, “Biblical” proportions?!!

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