End of world delayed

WEDNESDAY 1-30-08…It wasn’t too many months ago when we were told that the earth would have a close encounter with a large space rock in January of 2008. Observers were giving odds of it hitting the earth….one in fifty, one in a hundred and so on. Finally, the asteroids closest approach was scheduled for January 29th. That was yesterday. Planet earth dodged a bullet.

Oh….the asteroid flew by right on schedule, passing 1.4 times the distance to the moon. According to www.NewScientist.com, it was the largest asteroid to come near the Earth in more than twenty years. But New Scientists says we don’t have to worry about any more of ‘em coming in close proximity until the year 2027.

The last time an object of about the same size was observed to approach Earth at about the same distance was back in September of 1985, according to Don Yeomans, who heads up NASA’s Near Earth Object program at the Jet Propulsion lab in Pasadena. He says similar passes probably occur more often but simply go undetected. There’s lots of objects zipping by that aren’t seen until they’ve already passed.

He says about 7,000 asteroids of about the same size are expected to venture near Earth’s orbit, and so far, only twenty percent have been discovered. But, not to worry. The next one isn’t due until 2027; plenty of time to develop ways to alter an asteroid’s course if it becomes necessary. After all, American ingenuity always comes through in a clutch. Doesn’t it?

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  1. Fending off asteroids would be a herculean, if not impossible task, but with American ingenuity you never know.

    It would impressive enough for me if some NASA genius could come up with a sure fire method of successfully fending off hemorrhoids (and leave the asteroids to blind fate).

  2. Wonder if space is a way of predicting a for instance earth quake besides sun flares and full moons. Gravitational pull causing ebb and tide can be seen but the effects are harder to be seen in more dense forms like land. Still I wonder if things happening is space telegraphs earths environmental stagings of nature? I’m not talking about getting a reading but the science and mathematics etc behind it. I haven’t seen any real studies but I know there going on. would like to see their findings and theories( They say when an asteroid passes Earth, four years later a Great World event happens. A Research can show it, going back hundreds of years. The End of time Biblically speaking
    resembles a sun flair, making a more direct hit on earth which would roll back or temporarily knock out our layers that protect earth eliminating oxygen and raising earth temp. to 150 degrees or more. Killing everything above ground and in the water and would last 24 hrs. or more before recovering. This comes very close to the Bibles revelation -description of events.
    One thing for sure it’s all up for grabs.

  3. I believe the theory is….”when a comet passes”….etc.,
    not an asteroid. But you are absolutely right when you point out that Revelation lays it all out pretty good. That’s why nobody needs to worry. If you’ve read the back of the book, you know……we win!

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