Talk Radio and 2008 Election

TUESDAY 1-29-08…This election cycle is turning out to be the most interesting election that I’ve ever witnessed. That’s one of the reasons voter turnout for the February primary is predicted to be record breaking. Things on the democrat side are fairly cut and dried. The winner will be either Mrs. Bill Clinton, or Barak Obama. It’s a whole different ball game on the Republican side.

No single candidate has risen to the top. Republicans have not galvanized behind any of the their candidates. And neither have talk show hosts! That, in itself is a shock. John McCain’s mother was asked “how much support do you think your son has among the base of the Republican party? She said….and I quote….”I don’t think he has any. I’ve not seen any help whatsoever.”

But this year, conservative talk show hosts have been relatively silent when Talk radio, which, in the past, has a been a powerhouse conservative media. it comes to the Republican primary. Rush Limbaugh says he just may not bother backing a Republican nominee this year. Michael Reagan has been noticeably silent on any of the nominees. Michael Savage says he hasn’t endorsed a candidate this year.

Talkers Magazine is reporting that Mike Gallagher, the sixth most listened to radio host, doesn’t have a single candidate that he’s backing. Another conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck isn’t endorsing any of the Republican candidates. So….what’s happening? Why aren’t they rallying around a “leader of the pack?” Simple. There IS no leader of the pack, and there’s not a true conservative in the bunch.

Some claim to be. In fact, McCain made the bald-faced statement that he is the only true conservative among the candidates. His voting record proves otherwise, a fact that is not lost among conservative talk show hosts. So, the power of conservative talk radio hosts has been muted. How will their absence affect the upcoming Primaries? Only time will tell.


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  1. Bruce I agree, it is the most unusual primary the US has seen. My own thoughts are that none of the candidates on either side is particularly riviting.

    On the dem side we have novelty making it seem like a big deal but neither candidate is compelling for his leadership roll or ideas…as you pointed out in your “change” piece earlier.

    On my pubbie side we have a wide field a fairly good candidates but none is outstanding and each carries his own set of “negatives”. I think people are waiting to rally behind the winner, whoever it turns out to be, AGAINST the other guy.

    I’m trying to be realistic. sometimes there are no great choices and all we can do is sift through the field, find out as much as we can and pick the one we like best.
    Talk radio hosts may not be “picking a candidate” but they are looking at the field and helping to inform the listeners…a good thing and subtly powerful.

  2. Bruce,

    Forgive me for using your blog to address Tina but. . . .

    Tina can you tell me two or three things that you don’t like about Ron Paul?

    The national media never give him the time of day, however I’ve looked at him very closely and I have to admit he seems to make sense.

  3. Dave, I think Ron Paul makes a lot of sense.

    I don’t agree with him all of the time on foreign policy.

    For instance he believed the latest NIE report was factual and he implied the Bush Administration witheld from the public their knowledge of it so they could continue to “rachet up” the war. I’ve read the opinions of others, some of them experts in the field, that said the report was politically timed and released in order to undermine a strategic effort and that the release of the document achieved that purpose. From my humble perspective it certainly seemed to have that effect. I have no way of knowing for sure either way…which is why, for better or worse, I believe we all should support the decisions of the Commander-in Chief in times of war, at least publically.

    Ron Paul’s positions work in a perfect world. He expresses many of the goals conservatives are working toward. Our imperfect world, however, requires that political candidates be electable…he is not. This is not due to imperfections in Paul but rather societal issues. Broken families, failures in education and low standards have begotten a dumbed down electorate that will just as soon vote based on “rock star” qualities or feel good promises. We have to factor these things in when choosing a candidate to back or we end up throwing away our votes…and helping to elect the liberal party candidate which moves us away from our goals.

    I hope this answer is satisfactory. I realize it is little comfort for the more libertarian soul to swallow this reality of politics…it seems so wrong. But it is what it is.

    The biggest job conservatives have is finding ways to better educate the people…which is why people like Bruce and I get up everyday just itching to get our hands on a keyboard and/or in his case, his face in front of that microphone!

    Thanks for the question…let me know what you think. I’m sure Bruce would agree that blogs are somewhat open in format and all are encouraged to chime in if they have something to say or ask.

    By the way…thanks for looking closely at the candidates. We should, as voting citizens, take the time to find out who our prospective leaders are.

  4. So who are you going to vote for president? Also how are you voting on proposition 91 & 92?

  5. Probably Mitt Romney. Other than Mitt, I have no dog in this race. Prop 91 yes, prop 92 NO…..prop 93 NO
    props 94 thru 97 YES

  6. Dave, if you’re still out there, I ran across an article about Ron Paul written by Dr. Jack Wheeler. I thought a few quotes from the article might add some food for thought:

    “Murray Rothbard (from right here in Brooklyn) only loved the Platonic Ideal of What America Ought To Be. Because the actual real-world America did not live up to its founding ideals, he came to hate America and its government to the point of taking the side of every enemy America had in the world.”

    “I do not believe that Paul himself is anti-Semitic or is cheering for Moslem terrorists – but he should ask himself why among his supporters there are so many that are.”

    “…since being elected to Congress in 1996, he has not voted for a single Defense Authorization Bill, not one, not ever.” Jack Wheeler – To the Point News

    Dr. Wheeler’s article also gave a bit of history about the Libertarian Party. Apparently there was a split in the party. One faction had a more utopian notion of how things should be (Rothbards apparent view) and he thinks Paul falls into this category…it certainly seems possible given his stated positions and record.

  7. This is the worst year I have seen for choice in sometime. Conservative choice is not present. If McCain is my only choice on the republican side I will vote for Hillary! I had high hopes for Thompson but he turned out to be no more than a flash in the pan. This year I cannot vote for a good conservative republican. I once again find myself voting for lesser of evils. Socialists are moving in on the GOP. I fear where we will be in the next 10 years. I wish Ron Paul would have a chance but as usual the media did once again choose those they would promote. I only knew that Alan Keyes was running when I seen my ballot!

  8. If McCain is my only choice on the republican side I will vote for Hillary!

    John, I too was a strong Thompson supporter and for that reason I feel compelled to respond to your declaration.

    Voting for Hillary is not a good idea…Ann Coulter doesn’t want conservatives to get the credit for the mess that socialist policies will bring, and I agree, but McCain is more likely to appoint conservative judges which at this juncture is very important. Our Constitution will come under assault in a Hillary or Obama administration. A vote for McCain is not a vote for the lesser of evils but rather a vote for the direction you wish your country to take.

    We also need to buck up and work to get as many conservatives elected to congress as we can.

  9. Who are you voting for for state assembly and how are you voting on the two measures?

  10. I’m voting NO on both 98 and 99. Both propositions aren’t being entirely truthful. I don’t like that. If the truth can’t stand the light of day, it doesn’t deserve my vote.

    I’m voting for Sue Horne in the Assembly race. She has the ability to “play nice’ ….with others. Something we all learned in Kindergarten. It pays dividends.

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